June 23rd, 2004


Plugs, Previews and Prattling

The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft was scheduled to ship to stores today, but it wasn't listed or on the shelves at my local shop. Anyone see it? Anyone? Cripes, me neither. Well, next week, then, fingers crossed. Stories by Jill Thompson and myself, Mike Mignola, Scott Morse, Tony Millionaire and others...should be swell.

Speaking of witches and things Halloween, the new eyesore-inducing softcore porno phonebook that is Diamond Previews has come out, featuring products and objects duh'art shipping this September. Since this is my friggin' journal, I will plug my projects listed therein and everyone else can go sit on a tack.

Let's see...Dark Horse will be releasing the second trade paperback collecting Hellboy: Weird Tales, which will include the 10-page Roger strip I did for the eighth issue. Other folks involved are P.Craig Russell, Gene Colan, Jill THomspon, John Cassaday, Craig Thompsn, Jim Starlin, etc. A sketchbook section will be included as well, I dunno if I'm going to be in there, as good artists draw in a sketchbook, and people like me draw on the backs of comic pages and napkins.

DHC will also be releasing the Dark Horse 2004 Halloween Special, which is a reprinting of the "Stray" story Jill Thompson and I did for the Dark Horse Book of Hauntings, made available to retailers as a promo giveaway. The comic is co-sponsored by Diamond or something, and will be avaiulable to shops in bundles of 25 for a measly $3.00. The intention, I assume, is to give these all-ages booklets away as trick-or-treat items at Halloween (there's also an Archie release and a Marvel Spider-Man release). If you are a nice retailer interested in participating, please check out page 2 of Previews where you'll find information on ordering these promo publications. I think it's a swell idea, and no, we're not getting paid, I just love the idea that kids and new readers might get to read our cat and dog ghost story. Promotion's a beautiful thing and something I'm just not used to seeing when it concerns my work, so I'm really hoping folks go for this.

In the SLG/Amaze Ink section of Previews, you will see that the unstoppable 96-page thing which some men call Fun With Milk and Cheese and some women call just plain stupid is being reprinted yet again. I believe this is the third printing of the second edition, making this the eighth printing. I think. Shows you how much I pay attention. The second M&C issue is likewise being reprinted, I have absolutely no idea what number printing this is. Does anyone even want these anymore? I guess so. It honestly freaks me out that people still buy these things since I haven't done a new issue in...hell...seven years. Man, I have to get moving on that new issue. Man...

I think that's everything. Everything else can sit on a tack. Plugs and updates --westward ho!

MOCCA update: Sarah and I will be bunking next to the mighty mighty SLG, which means you can say hi to us, first time attendee chap Andi Watson, cranky head honcho Dan Vado, giddy Slave Laborer Joe Nakamura, and the rest of the SLG creator-types. We'll have what's left of our HOF buttons for sale, a batch of new color pin-ups, old original pages and layout sketches, comics you've already read, and whatever SLG brings of ours, maybe there's some shirts of M&C Mini-Comics left. Stop by and check out the HOF Book of Recent and Upcoming Projects, which is filled with super-expensive cheap xeroxes of work we've worked on and work we're working on. Stop by and get crap signed! Come by and give us the air to show us we're not so special! WHo the hell do we think we are, anyway?

We've received the near-complete list of Harvey Award presenters, which at press time (I love using that phrase), will include such people as Kyle Baker, Jerry Robinson, Patrick McDonnell, Chester Brown, and many other well-known cartoon-tinged types. Very exciting. Honest, officer! And Neil Gaiman, king of his very own gloom empire of fun, will be the keynote speaker. I don't know what a keynote speaker is, other than someone better known than myself who people actually want to hear talk a lot. I think tickets are just about gone, but feel free to refer to previous posts/replies re: attending the ceremony after the banquet of White Castles, Sunny Delight and Ding Dongs is over. Talking and fumbling thank you speeches take place after everyone is too full to move or escape once I start cracking unwise. That reminds me, I forgot to check if my last remaining suit is clean and undamaged by moths. Yikes!

The Kamandi strip proceeds apace for Bizarro. The Dark Horse Book of the Dead script lurches awkwardly forard as like one dead and lurching awkwardly. I have completed the inks on the Nickelodeon gag, which awaits Sarah's colours, as the Brits would type. Once these things are done I will finally turn my attention to the long-delayed Adult Swim pilot script. I am so nervous and excited I have to wear Depends lest I soil myself and my surroundings. Beyond that, I may have a small, fun little comic project to announce, more on that after Mocca.

Okay, that's probably it before Mocca. I'll likely respond to comments/questions in the next two days, but if I update the Journal before then it's only because I'm avoiding something important and am a big baby who should face up to his responsibilities. Signing off, until we read again -- adios, muchachos!