July 1st, 2004


The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft/FCBD

The latest hardcover horror anthology in the series shipped yesterday. Contributors include Tony Millionaire, Mike Mignola (with a new Hellboy story), Scott Morse, Sean Phillips, Gary Gianni, Scott Allie, Jill Thompson and I with another story featuring the "Stray" cast of characters. A pul-era Clark Ashton Smith story illustrated by Gianni and an interview with a Wiccan high priestess from NYC who is also a top-flight lawyer and an independent filmmaker (!). This nifty little book awaits you at solid comic shops and book stores in these here United States.

And don't forget -- Free Comic Book Day is this coming Saturday at all partiicpating comic shops. Use the link below to check out this year's SLG giveaway anthology, featuring a Bill and Ted cover by yours truly, two Milk and Cheese strips from the HOF vault, and a short preview of the Bill and Ted collections.


Hit the shops this Saturday, friends. Hit them hard.