July 13th, 2004


Bunch of stuff.

As some of you waterlogged HOF faithful already know, the northeast was socked with a foot of rain last night. We didn't come out as badly as some folks in NJ who saw full-on flooding, but we didn't emerge unscathed. We sprung a roof-leak that, of course, dumped water into my studio right next to my drawing board. So, another night of work shot, and we're waiting for a roof guy to show up and hopefully fix the leak and hopefully not rape us financially. Hey, ho --the bell just rang.

The roof guy poked his head in here to check out the ceiling, which is slit opne and distended like a cheap prop stomach from a Roger Corman Alien-rip off flick where some hapless gal gives birth to a Humanoid from the Deep or something. Fooey. We didn't need the work stoppage and like most folks, could do without the incurred expense.

Work-wise I'm finishing up the inks/letters on the Bizarro Kamandi strip, there was some pronblems with a few sequences that I had to work through, but we have the revisions and I pencilled that out last night for the most part. I'm late on the Book of the Dead script for DHC, but they know my situation and that I was knocked silly post-MOCCA and there's no gun on me right now. Oh, btw, I've been told, at MOCCA, that the Metal Men series is dead as a doornail. I'm still trying to see if there's any appeals to the governor to be made, or new approaches to save the project's bacon, but it looks like it's a dead end after all. Meaning, I'm going to be looking for work soon to make up for the lost income on four scripts, and I wasted two weeks prepping and working on issue #3. I didn't have any other further prospects set up at DC like my collaborator, so I am le screwed. This has been a real obnoxious year, business-wise. I'm gonna have to speed up production to patch things up and latch onto something else, I do have the pilot script but after that...pretty much nada as far as a paying gig goes. I'm sure something will present itself, if I can sell some cartoons to Nick or Mad I might be able to spend some time on my SLG projects.

Speaking of which, it looks like I'll actually have a new SLG book out this December.
We're going to run the oft-mentioned One Punch Goldberg story that IO completed a while back. It was set for the Action Girl co-ed special, but that's been on the back burner for so long because of our schedule/life Sarah was nice enough to let me have it back. I've promised her a new Hectic Planet story in exchange when we get the co-ed special back on track. The December comic will also feature a new short Kid Blastoff strip, some material from Nickelodeon magazine, and Billy Vs Super Rad, about a kid who hates his superhero brother and decides to become his number one enemy. This title might end up being yet another ongoing for me -- ongoing meaning I do one whenever the hell -- because it'll be sort of like Dork for action-adventure and humor material that isn't R-rated. Anyway, the current plan is for a December solicitation. The cover's mocked up and it should be a fun little comic that I hope you folks will enjoy.

I'm also amassing gags for Dork #11, generating material for Mad means generating material for the largely gag-oriented #11, and I've got three finished pages, a finished cover, and several pages of ready to draw material. I think I'll be doing a few one page or two-page strips, but this next issue should be largely Fun strips, gag panels, and short strips. Something to play around with while I handle commercial gigs and try to get back on the longer-format Eltingville one-shot. ALl in our lifetime, I hope.

The roof work's going to cost us $200. Could have been worse. Sheesh.

Oh --before I forget, again, I keep meaning to post that the Knitting Factory in NYC is a shithole venue to see a band and should be boycotted. The Aquabats were treated like crap, the venue was disdainful of their fans, refused to turn on the air-conditioning, and wouldn't allow the 'Bats to play an encore. The doublebooked the night and wanted everyone out for the next show, some stupid cover band that appeared in the movie Old School. The place was so hot the walls were sweating, crash said he almost passed out twice and the Commander thought he was going to throw up from the heat. They had to cut some of their act because of the heat, as well, thanks Knitting Factory. The bastards literally cut the power off so the band couldn't do even one more song, they wanted them out even earlier so they could clean up for the preps coming in later. Sarah overheard the staff making fun of the band's fans, the venue clearly didn't like having little punk kids in their vaunted halls. Fuck that, fuck them, and fuck the Knitting Factory. If I want to be treated like shit I'll go to a comic shop. Ha ha, that's a joke, retailers. So, east coast folks, avoid the place like the plague. It's a shitty place to see a band in the first place, small cramped stage, small hall, and, worse, the antagonistic management does not respect your patronage while it bilks you at the bar.

I'll be back soon with more crap. Later, skaters.