July 20th, 2004



The Kamandi art is done. I think it's going to be a good-looking strip. Sarah's cleaned up the art and is in the process of coloring it. So, I'm done with my Bizarro commitments. And I'm Kamandi'd out. What a crazy-ass book that is.

The last batch of pitches I sent to Mad officially crashed and burned. As a certain round-headed kid said, "Sigh". I was happy with the stuff I sent, so expect to see this comedy fool's gold in your friendly neighborhood Dork #11. Onto the next round of pitches.

Sarah and the Lawgiver fixed the busted pipes beneath the sink. Being useless, I helped only a little, scooping crap out of the blocked pipe while they were buying replacement pipes. I am too matuyre a man to feel emasculated by this. Much. Anyway, everything's nice and fixed and we saved a lot on plumbing fees. Not too shabby.

I'd like to take this space to thank reader Dave Merrill for sending the tapes of various Japanese shows. There wasn't an e-mail address with your letter, Dave, so please excuse the public accolades. Good luck with the move to Canada, btw.

To you folks going to San Diego, have a great time. Stay safe and sane, buy some SLG books, some Alternative books to help those guys out, Fantagraphics will have some new cool stuff, so buy some comics and maybe a cool toy or two or a piece of art if you're a high-roller, just don't give all your money to the Hollywood types. They have enough money.