July 24th, 2004


A few things

Congratulations to Jill Thompson for winning an Eisner award for her painted artwork to our story, "Stray", from the Dark Horse Book of Hauntings. I'm really happy to see her get the nod for what was a top-notch, beautiful job. Besides the fact that I'm friends with Jill, I've always preferred her painted work to that of the fan favorite painters working in the biz becauise unlike them, she knows how to tell a story, she doesn't simply illustrate a series of pretty pictures that require narrative captions to stitch them together. Anyway, congrats to her, and husband Brian Azzarello for his win.

Otherwise, as a reader pointed out, Sarah and I are scheduled to appear at the next Big Apple Con here in NYC September 18th and 19th. Location: Penn Plaza Pavillion, 401 7th Ave and 33rd street. I assume that's the Madison Square Garden location they've used, but I could be wrong. I hope so, it always stinks of the circus elephants, and this year it'll reek of hardcore Republican elephants as well. Har har, I am so clever. Anyway, here's the link in case you want to check out the apparently growing guest list or see pics of under-employed ex-Star Trek actors: http://www.bigapplecon.com/

Cartoon-type guests include the fabulous Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, the excellent Kim Deitch, fan-favorite Denny O'Neil, and one of my childhood faves, Marvel stalwart Sal Buscema.

A new leak opened up in my office ceiling and soaked my notes for my Book of the Dead script. Very frustrating. It's supposed to rain some more today and tomorrow. Bleagh.

Could be worse, the Apes went to see Devo at Central park last night, $40 a pop and rain, rain, rain. Wonder how that went. I pretty much will not go to an outdoor show, don't care for them, maybe going to Live Aid back in the day burnt me out on festival-style shows for life. Sun, dust, bad sound, big, stupid crowd, standing and aching for hours. Too old for that, Devo to old for that. Would have liked to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I'd prefer a small dirty club than a crowd of old farts with fannypacks and water bottles.

Speaking of Live Aid, one day I want to do a comic about my experience at that big, dopey mess. I started taking notes a while ago, but like so many other projects, it's strictly back burnersville. Too many notes, too little time. Makes me almost want to play the lottery. Almost.

Finally, the name of my December SLG/Amaze Ink release is Biff Bam Pow!. Featuring One Punch Goldberg, Kid Blastoff, Nutsy Monkey, Billy Vs. Super-Rad and assorted odds and ends from Nickelodeon Magazine and other sources. Cover's roughed out, looks pretty okay. Fun stuff, 24 pages of me drawing goofy stuff. Absolutely nothing to tax the brain. As opposed to my usual staggering works of high-brow hilarity.

And that's the latest from the not-so-greatest. Latersville.