July 27th, 2004


Small change from the pockets of a humdrum life

I enjoyed last night's WWE Raw. COuld have done without the deadlie dull T&A Diva Search. You know things are bad when a parade of half naked Maxim-types cause you to hit the "fiorward" button on the DVR. Enjoyed the Battle Royale, enjoyed the Iron Man Match, esp. Benoit. Thought perhaps Oroton was going to accidentally DQ Hunter and cause the obvios firction/break in Evolution that's been in the wings, but forgot I also thought Eugene pretty much had to do a run-in. Hate Regal's new tights and his being thrown over the top rope first. I guess Matt Hardy is no longer version 0.1, no more factoids in his opening. Rodney Mack is back. Ugh. I like Battle Royales because they let you know who still has a job. I'm marking for Orton, but I think Jericho needs something solid to pay him off for all the beat-0downs, screw-jobs, losses and meaningless feud wins of the past year. He's still fairly well over, the signs and chants are there and lately he's been turning in better ring work, so give him some kind of strap or he'll keep coming off as the People's Jobber.

Read the last Luba's Comics and Stories by Gilbert Hernandez. Liked it. Solid, unpretentious little comic with a funky ending. Apparently Beto's got a new Vertigo series in the works called Sloth, the promo image is really nice, very strong. It's about a guy who is slower than everyone else because of some wonkiness. Weird.

Read the new Eightball, #23. Liked it, didn't love it. Found it a bit monotonous and repetitive in places, and felt like I've read some of this Clowes "alineated youth who thinks everyone's a clod" dialogue before, obly without a Death Ray and super powers. Yeah, that's right, #23 is about an alienated boy with super powers. It isn't a spoof, but I dunno if it's the work of observant, deep genius some internet folks seem to think it is. I thought it wa sa solid effort, well-executed but not earth-shattering. Maybe the fact that it had a superhero take is affecting people more deeply than they even realize, even the artys-types have their own interior struggles with superheroes, it strikes me. #23 utilizes the same style of storytelling as #22, which I though caused a sense of familiarity to a degree. The dialogue has some stiffness, but it's "Clowes stiff", if you know what I mean, so it generally works. Ditto some of the art. Great use of color and layout, format reminded me of the old Marvel treasuries. I couldn't get into the characters overly much, more whining outsiders, similar in some ways to what we've seen before in Clowes work. But I'm sure Clowes could care less if anyone "gets into" them. He's not interested in creating warm, marketable icons or Capra-esque heroes. Which is fine with me. I dunno, though, it just didn't slay me, and I was hoping to get murdered. That being said, when I finished the book it stayed with me. And your average comic --hell, anything, evaporates seconds after you're done with it. So something's there, despite niggling problems with the issue, something's stuck with me and I'll have to find out what that is with another reading one of these days. Shrug off the pre-hype and my own expectations and see where it leaves me. Hell, I watch wrestling, so what's my midbrow opinion worth. I'm sure there's subtext and meaning and all over the place that flew over my head. Andy would have Death-Rayed me ages ago. Upshot -- pick up Eightball #23 and decide for yourself. Definitely worth reading/looking at.

Sarah's coloring the Kamandi strip for Bizarro World. That's apparently the name of the project, it was scribbled on the paperwork that allows me to get paid. I drew a lot so she's gonna kill me. Har har.

As time allows, we're in the midst of a severe cleaning up and cleaning out of the HOF basement, culling our Eltingville-like collections and dumping a ton of stuff. We've brought several boxes of books and items to the Salvation Army, and are trying to figure out what to do with the comics, toys, magazines, fanzines, Japanese effluvia, albums and CDs, videos, mini-comics, video games, statues, et al that we've ammassed or been given and we don't wnat/can't store anymore. Some of this stuff will wend it's way to e-bay, or the TCJ Marketplace (just listed some TCJ back issues), or I'll list here from time to time if nayone is interested. Or we'll throw it out. Need the space, can use some extra dough, need the breathing room. We're not looking to make a killing, I just can't see throwing out certain comics and books that aren't worht much to a shop but are cool and someone might want for a song. We have alot of comics that we eventually re-bought in trades, and we don't have the room for doubles of anything anymore. Comics like Kane, The SPirit, Skeleton Key, good stuff I'd prefer to sell cheap, like I did with my Love and Rockets extras a while back. Anyway, I may or may not throw some of that stuff up here and on the TCJ marketplace, and avoid the time it takes to e-bay small stuff.

I'm also looking to try to sell more art in the near-future, but with work and all there's only so much we can set into motion. Right now we're trying to get rid of the mounds of extra comics, fanzines and toys. Man we bought/kept a lot of nutty stuff. Dealers and users, that's what we are. We've reached collection skin limit and the center cannot hold.

Missed Clinton's speech last night, caught all the stuff up to that at the convention. Any good, or self-serving, or what? I liked Carter's speech, he's had more impact post-presidency than when he was in the Oval office. Gore was actually kind of funny. If he had more personality in 2000 maybe Florida, the Supreme Court and Nader wouldn't have mattered. Or if he used Clinton more. Or if Lieberman wasn't such a yawn. Whatever.

Don't forget to register to vote, kids, and vote with your eyes and ears open.