July 31st, 2004


Yadda Yadda Yadda

Nothing much to report, just sick of having to click on all the responses in the previous thread because it's become stacked like pancakes. If anyone has anything to add, continue the chatterboxing here. I thought Kerry rose to the cause, who cares if the friggin' balloons didn't fall properly, and go figure, Bush's first speech after the DNC starts with him saying "they'll raise your taxes, which isn't what Kerry said. And it's always nice for dedicated, compassionate uniters like Bush to use phrases like "us" and "them". Reductive moron. Politics makes my head hurt, let's look at my sad little world of comics.

I'm pencilling the Biff Bam Pow cover, finished outlining the Book of the Dead script, plotted the last strip for BBP, and picked up the Krigtsein Comics hardcover from Fantagraphics this past Wednesday. I love his work, but I do wonder if this really needed to be a big deal $50 book, nice art, nice notes, generally goofy, curio comics. Thank Kirby for my JHU discount, there's too many expensive monster books coming out for a boy on a budget to afford. The Krigstein book certainly is purdy, big and oversized the way I wish I could reprint my stuff, it's like a better produced DC Archive, silly comics given the deluxe treatemnt for the "discriminating" fanman. I do prefer the reproduction in this to the glossy, greasy Archives with the suspect revised art, that nasty slick paper, the radiation sickness coloring (it's almost nauseating to see computer fades and airbrushing effects foisted on those old comics, the Adam Strange Archives are particularly awful in this regard. Almost as icky as the Michael Uslan intros to half the books. He writes about as well as he produces Catwoman films). Anyway, if you like Krigstein, by all means, beg, borrow or steal.

I'm making a list of the comics and some other stuff we're looking to sell or dump. I'll post it when I can. Thanks to those of you who asked about particular items, I'll be getting back to you via e-mail asap.