August 14th, 2004


House of Fun returns to the air...

...and has very, very little to say.

Thanks for your patience while we were out of range. Wish I had a tale or ten to tell, but alas, I do not. We face deadlines, house problems, car troubles and family get-togethers (fun, at least), this week so further communication might be spotty. Or, conversely I may post like a fiend for want of something to take my mind off broken gutters, disjointed engine pipes, cat piss, car inspections, broken garage doors, leaking and damaged refridgerators, malfunctioning stoves and grease fans, troubled scripts, bad skin, bad back, worse hair, and overactive anger over the state of world affairs and American politics, and a rumbly tumnmy. Happily, I've also found a few books in a used book store to tide me over from a dose of middle class ennui, poor luck and bad timing: A collection of H.T. Webster cartoons, A Whitney Darrow illustrated gag book on children and sex education from the late 60's (slight but okay for three bucks), and some mystery stuff, Ross MacDonald, Rex Stout, and an 80's Black Lizard anthology. The comic shop offered up the swellegant Jack Cole pin-up/gag book from Fantagraphics (only $20, well worth it, and a sigh of relief after all the $50 monsters released this year), and I also picked up the Comics Journal compendium of Jack Kirby interviews and articles, because I missed the first printing, and it's the kind of book I expected to disappear at some point down the line. I believe that Alex Chun, who compiled the Cole book, is working ona similar Dan DeCarlo gag/pin-up project, and is planning a Don Flowers book as well (yeah, baby!).

I'm reading some old Detective Book Club mysteries to steady my nerves, for some reason I've been plagued with nightmares, ranging from unfettered urban violence to crazed zombie apocalypse epics. Wholly awful stuff, with patented nightmare logic (i.e, illogic) and an ability to literally have me bolt upright in a cold sweat. All the more odd because I've actually had a very nice week celebrating our wedding anniversary (thanks, yes, I know, thank you and we do appreciate your unexpressed well-wishes) and having a short but satisfying, if exhausting, vacation. From what history tells us, our next scheduled short but satisfying (and exhausting), vacation -- being number three in a series of vacations over thirteen years that do not involve work in any way, shape or form -- should occur sometime in four to five years. Oy.

But enough about me. What about my bad back? Har har.

Oh, wait, here's something else to plug:

Turner Classic Movies alert: TCM, the only cable station that really matters (to me, at least), will spend September celebrating the wonderful Myrna Loy with scores of films from her long career, covering her exotic vamp, urban sophisticate and model wife eras. Even more interesting is a tribute to quirky low-to-no budget wunderkind director Edgar G. Ulmer, the cult legend who directed The Black Cat with Karloff and Legosi for Universal, the cheap-noir classic Detour which has to be seen to be believed, and a host of other oddities and small, dirty gems. They're even showing some of his poverty row Yiddish-language films, which I've always been curious about (no, really). Anyway, if you haven't yet, please treat yourself to The Black Cat (one of the best Universal horrors -- and where the %$*#!@ is the DVD already, goddamitt?!) and Detour. DVR, Tivo, tape, catch, You won't regret, even if you don't love them, they're really worth seeing at least once.

If anyone cares, mighty decent garagey band The New Bomb Turks are playing their last show pretty much as I type this. Not a huge fan, but I've always liked what I've heard, so, R.I.P.

Back later with something else about something else. Oh -- the Lawgiver found a site where some jokers re-dubbed/edited the G.I. Joe cartoon "lesson" codas with fairly entertainiong results, I don't know the url, go look. He burnt it on a disc for me, sorry. Anyway, they might be old news on the ever-hip web, but two or three of them are f'n hilarious. Very SGCTC in some ways. Find the porchop sandwhich one, and the regage one. Whatever.

When Sarah has some 'spare" time I've asked her to post some pages from in-progress stuff, the splash page from the Eltingville story in the works, some Dork gags, maybe, maybe some pencils if I have them. I've got a lot to catch up on as August speeds past, so, I better get to it. Hope everyone's well, hope no one's been hit hard by the hurricanes or anything awful like that.

Ciao, bellies!