August 19th, 2004


Hellboy sketches and stuff

Picked up a nice pile of comics and comic-related books yesterday, after I got credit for some old toys I brought in last week. The haul included the new Comics Journal, two Tony Millionaire Sock Monkey collections from DHC, Rebel Visions, a history of Underground Comics (FBI), and a long-neglected, dusty slipcase of Prince Valiant #11-20 (FBI), that Sarah and I have had our eyes on for about two years now. So, plenty of reading goodness for me in the coming weeks.

Crockett Johnson's children's book, Ellen's Lion, has been reprinted in a nice, slim volume. Johnson is the man behhind the wonderful comic strip classic, Barnaby,m a strip which someone needs to reprint in its entirety asap. Ellen's Lion contains 12 very short stories about an imaginative little girl and her stuffed, nonplussed lion. Clever, cute stuff in the Johnson tradition. One wonders if Bill Watterson was an early fan.

So, what's new here at the HOF? I'm finishing up the Book of the Dead script, prepping the Adult Swim pilot script, working on gag strips to pitch and to use for Dork #11. I'm prepping a new strip for Biff Bam Pow (it's mostly plotted and I might forego a script and just work it all out in rough layouts with loose dummy dialogue), Sarah's finsihing the coloring job on the Bizarro World Kamandi strip and turned in her latest adaptation script to Tokyopop for DNAngel. It also ooks like I will be doing a small illo/comics job for a video game company, more on that when the deal goes through.

Since the HOF news is pretty slow, here;s another something to look at from the HOF files. We put together four pages of prelim sketches, roughs and layouts for the upcoming Hellboy:Weird Tales vol 2 trade collection, but one page couldn't be slotted in because of space considerations. Somneone requested pencil stuff, so, here is the page that didn't make the cut. Roughs of supporting characters from the story, Izzy Kemper, the female victim found in the torched church, and the baby. As time allows, I'll try to put up (with Sarah doing all the real work, of course), some actual penciled pages, since nobody really sees that stuff, as well as some stuff from the Eltingville one-shot. Later, skaters.

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