September 7th, 2004


HOF Updates

FInally, finally finsihed my script for the Dark Horse Book of the Dead. It's probably my sparest script, although spare for me still has plenty of dialogue. But it's a more open story, visually, than I normally work up. It 's a 16 pager, featuring the dogs and the cat from the two previous DHC Book Of entries, Hauntings and Witchcraft. I think it came out pretty well, and as always, I can't wait to see how JIll THompson handles the painted art. Being that this is the Book of the Dead, you can probably guess there's a lot of dead stuff in the strip. There is no schedule on this book as of yet, mainly because they were waiting for me. But definitely something to look forward to next year.

Speaking of delays, the first volume of the Bill and Ted trade set is going to be late. Surprise -- it's not my fault. Honest, officer! Production delays have bogged this one down. So, please sit tight and don't forsake us when the time comes, SLG is doing the best they can to get things under control. When I have a better idea as to when the book will be ready to go, I will let you HOF faithful know.

I'm in the midst of drawing the last strip for Biff Bam Pow, a Kid Blastoff 7 pager. I'm working it pretty loosely, for schedule reasons and also as an experiment, drawing it based on loose notes and layouts and not from a full script. The first pag is just about done, I'm working on the second, roughing the pages out from a throughline and lettering after the entire strip is drawn. It's sort of like working Marvel method, with myself. It's going decently so far, don't know if I could work like this on everything, but it's an attempt to speed things up, have fun, and see if I can transfer the fun to the page. Sort of how I used to work on older Milk and Cheese strips.

Speaking of which, I've been asked to contribute a new Milk and Cheese strip to an anthology series for next Spring. I said "sure", I need a gun at my back to produce more strips anyway, so it's a good excuse to do a few pages and get one of the M&C strip files off my back.

I keep forgetting to plug the upcoming Big Apple Con that we're going to be at later this month. This one will take place September 18th and 19th, at the Penn Plaza Pavillion, 7th Ave and 33rd Street in Manhattan, NYC. Guests will include Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez and Kim Deitch -- !!! So for chrissakes show up to get something signed by them or buy a book or something or they'll never ask people like that back again! Nifty guests from the superhero spectrum of things include Sal Buscema, Denny O'Neil, and if you like that sort of thing, Steranko, the Great and Powerful. For more info, and how you can get the autographs of unemployed Star Trek actresses and an "exotic car model" (cripes, what an industry -- honestly, having Los Bros and Deithc there is a super-rarity, don't miss out!), go to:

I've been told by another contributor that a gag panel we did for Nickelodeon Magazine is running in the new or upcoming issue, but I haven't confirmed that yet. I do know that we're supposed to have a batch of Halloween strips running in their, duh, Halloween issue. It's called the Halloweirdos, mucho mas fun for all magazine rack browsers and buyers to keep an eye out for. In other magazine news, sort of, Mad hasn't gotten back to me about the last batch of gags I sent a while back. Doesn't look good -- but, whatever they turn down, I can put into Dork #11. It's not comedic refuse, it's overlooked comedy gold!

Finally, finishing up the Book of the Dead means I can finally, finally, really and for true complete my pilot script. I hope it goes well, goes smoothly, and still has a place in the Adult Swim consideration machinery. I am now officially at a personal Orange Terror Alert...

Outside of work and terror, we're continuing to sell off parts of the massive HOF collection of stuff. Sarah's put up a bunch of our Sega Saturn games on e-bay, which, for a dead game system, are still surprisingly sought after. We're keeping the legendary and hard to find Panzer Dragoon game, one of Sarah's favorites, but if you're a Saturn fan you might want to take a look at the listings:

our auctions

Most of the comic lots we offered recently are gone, thanks to those who ordered books, and to those who have recently ordered art, We hope to have more pieces available ASAP for those who like that sort of thing.

We truly appreciate your support in our efforts to put together several upcoming important projects and clean up our little House of Fun, to boot.

Later, kids.
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