September 23rd, 2004


HOF update

The latest Diamond Previews catalogue is out, and in the Amaze Ink/Slave Labor section you'll find a few new HOF offerings and re-offerings -- the new stuff includes the Biff-Bam-Pow! comic, and a Milk and Cheese bowling t-shirt. The re-offered items are M&C #7 and the venerable Fun with M&C trade paperback. SLG gave us a nice little half page ad for BBP which features some panel art, and there will be some pages previewed in the SLG Peepshow booklet that is available to retailers for their customers. Diamond gave us a nice cover repro in the "Featured Item" section, so my hats off to them. I don't wear a hat, so it's off to everyone, I guess.

Also, HOF completists (or those simply curious) are directed to browse through the new October issue of Nickelodeon Magazine (w/the Shark Tales cover), which features a series of eight small strips called "The Halloweirdos" by Sarah and I. It printed really nicely and looks pretty a-okay, if I may say so. The issue also features cartooning by Jason Lutes, M. Wartella, Jen Sorenson, Joey Cavalieri, Pat Moriarty, James Kochalka, Rick Altergott, Mark Martin, Sean Taggert, Johnny Ryan, John Kerschbaum, and a Gahan Wilson cover for the Comic Book section. Jeez, if Nick stopped publication half the small press would have to get a day job. I can't help but always think about what a terrific humor anthology could be concocted using the cartooning roster from any issue of the magazine. God bless Nick Magazine and it's comic editors, Chris Duffy and Dave Roman. The HOF salutes them!

Gotta run, we start touring hospitals today.