September 29th, 2004


New York is Book Country this weekend

I'll be sitting around twiddling my thumbs at the Jim Hanely's Universe booth at New York is Book Country this Sunday, Oct 3rd, around 2 pm or so. Sicne I last attended the event, it has moved from Fifth Ave to Washington Square park or somthing like that (am I not the king of information? No.), and has expanded to a two-day event with attendant seminars and talks and presentations from authors, artists and publishers. How very literary, but despite that, there are a anumber of comic book-related talks and appearances scheduled. More than one NYC comic shop will be setting up, and several publishers will be there, including Drawn and Quarterly and I believe DC. For more information on this event, click the hell away on the following:

D&Q will have some folks signing, I think Frank Miller and similar well-known cartoonist types will be doing talks, and of course there's all those "real" authors and books to look at and purchase and ooh and ahh over and feel all lit'rary.

Of course, it's supposed to rain Sunday, further ensuring no one will show up to have me sign anything. I say this not as an attempt at false modesty, I simply don't know why JHU asked me to appear other than perhaps they couldn't get anyone else for Sunday (they'll have Gary Panter and Neal Adams, last I heard, for Saturday. Now there's a nifty comic book odd couple/buddy comedy if I ever saw one). I don't have a "bookish" following, haven't had anything reviewed seriously in the mainstream press, and haven't put anything new out in book form in ages. I don't think they're going to have the DHC horror books there, which is the next best thing, and season-appropriate to boot. So, I dunno why they asked, although I'm happy to do it. I haven't had much luck at previous JHU signings since I stopped working there, people are pretty used to me over there and I'm local, so no big deal, not too mention the reaction used to lean more towards, "oh, crap, that obnoxious schmuck who used to insult my favorite comics when he rang me up is here.", than, "say, it's a creator signing". I don't know if I blame them. Actually, I don't. Anyway, if you're in the area, please feel free to come by and buy some graphic novels, even if they're not by me. Support the shops and publishers who are trying to reach out to the general public, I mean, hell, isn't that what everyone keeps demanding of the retailers and publishers? So back them up when they do take a stab at it. And that's one to grow the market on.

Otherwise, I'm lettering away on a strip, while drawing another one, and doing a bit of this and that to get Biff Bam Pow!into shape. Juggling that with the Adult Swim script outline, editorial and packaging stuff for the first Bill and Ted trade, pitching gags to Nickelodeon, working up a script for that video game-related project I mentioned a while back, and cleaning up the office after the heavy rains re-opened a few leaks in my ceiling. All together now, awwww. We also had a three hour wait for a doctor's appointment yesterday which was a groaner, but at least Baby X is doing fine. Now if only Baby X would stop kicking mama's guts around alla time. I swear, is she doesn't cut it out and behave, she's grounded the minute she comes out.

Geek alert: There's a new Godzilla fighting game on the horizon for Playstation 2 and that X-Box thing. I know, you folks probably already knew about this, but we're a bit behind on the pop culture here at the HOF these days. Anyway, it's the sequel to the Destroy All Monsters game, it's called Save the Earth, and it features a ton o' monsters (I'm fan-happy to see Baragon and, what the ulp -- Jet Jaguar!?!?), various modes (story, challenges), which allow you to run the Big G rampant over various cities, under the ocean, and of course, through a gauntlet of men in rubber suit monsters rendered via computer graphics. I'm not great at fighting games, okay, I suck at thgem, but this one looks like it'll have more options for play other than just kikc/punch/die, and if anyone cares about such things, it'll have on-line applications, which is, from what I gather, why it isn't going to be made available on Gamecube. The graphics look sharp, and they look like they took some tips from the War of the Monsters folks, so, if you like this sort of crap like I do, save up fifty beans for the late fall. And, of course, this December sees the "final" (yeah, right), Godzilla flick, wherein he runs through a gauntlet of actual men in actual rubber monster suits. No Jet Jaguar, but --what the huh?!?! King Seezar (or whatever it's spelled) --?!?!?!? The American Godzilla? Directed by the guy who did Versus? Holy moley, what a crazy train this could be. I saw the brief trailer and it's pretty monsteriffic-looking, very Destroy ALl Monsters (and brain cells). At least Baragon won't have to job out this time around, they'll probabyl book Anguirus to get punked out quick by the Big G in his stead. Poor Anguirus, the Funaki of Toho.

Finally -- R.I.P. Ray Traylor, the WWE's (mostly) entertaining heel known as the Big Boss Man. Heart attack at 42, sheesh. Betwwen childhood wrestling icons and punk rock icons dropping dead, I'm feeling prematurely mortal this month. Not that I don't morbidly dwell on such matters all the time anyway, still, three dead Ramones and another 80's wrestler in the ground...creepy. At least there hasn't been any cartooning deaths recently. It's always nice to see Mark Evanier, the jolly grim reaper of comics, go dry for a while with his scoops from the front lines of dead old cartoonist-land.

Okay, keeds, I go letter some more. Type to you soon. Watch the debates and have your brain cap on. And I certainly do hope you're all registered to vote by now.
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