October 2nd, 2004



So, while some cartoonists can boast of glowing NY Times reviews, hefty Hollywood deals or the release of their new three-hundred page graphic novel, your favorite shmuck can only post that he fell down the stairs and f'd up his arm big-time.

From the wire services:

Evan Dorkin, awkwardness king, klutz supreme, and nine-time butterfingers heavyweight champ, brilliantly attempted to carry the new baby car seat down a narrow set of concrete steps while dragging a new Rubbermaid garbage can behind him. The slick can skated down across the short steps and caught him in the back of the heel, causing him to lose his balance and tumble down the stairs. Result -- a very nasty six inch long, three inch wide skateboard injury-like scrape on the right arm from sliding alongside stucco/concrete garage wall, minor scrape on left arm, banged up knee. Fortunately, nothing was broken other than the spanking new car seat base. Evan Dorkin has widely been considered someone with questionable reasoning abilities, but this is seen as a new low even for him.

Cripes. I was bleeding like crazy. The bleeding seeped out of it's first wrappings while I was out playing poker at the Lawgiver's and my friend Elizabeth re-wrapped it for me over there. We were going to go to the hospital today if the seepage didn't stop, but this morning the white blood cells came to the rescue (Time for Timer!), and now the bleeding's stopped and I have all that sickly EC corpse-like yellowish zombie gookum all over my arm. Sarah's been wrapping it and keeping it moist with first aid stuff so I don't get too bad a scarring. I couldn't draw yesterday because of the seepage, it was pretty grueseome and cool all at the same time. Normally I'm freaked out by the smallest amount of blood but the way my arm seemed to be sweating blood rather than leaking the red red krovvy out was pretty fascinating. It's like being 12 again falling off a bike. Or 22, falling down drunk. Ah. life.

Anyway, as a reminder, I'll still be signing, albeit slowly, as my arm is wrapped mumuy-like in bandages, at the JHU booth at NY is Book country tomorrow from 12-2 (maybe longer), come heck or high water. Which apparently is in the forecast. Rain, not heck. Suh-well. From what i understand, the JHU set-up will be at Schwartz Plaza, between 3rd and 4th street at Washington Square park. Lotsa other comic and graphic novel (i.e., big comics) booths are supposed to be there. If in town, come on down. Books will be on sale, blah blah blah.

Back to work for me. Hopefully I won't fall down anyhting today. Cripes.
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