October 14th, 2004



I forgot to post about the video game project that I mentioned a few posts ago, so here goes: along with a bunch of other cartoonists (including Chynna-Clugston, Peter Bagge, Jim Mahfood and James Kochalka), I'm doing some comics for the Urbz website. The Urbz is a SIms spin-off, with a number of urban landscapes populated by certain character types, and each cartoonist is providing a comic set in each area. I'm doing the punk/goth section of the city called Central Station, it'll be a four pager set in a piercing parlor, and will feature the game character of Jayde (who is the central figure in all the strips as a linking device). Kochalka's two-pager is up now, the comics site is live as of today, and urbz.com should take you there to poke around a bit. Other comics will be posted over a period of time. I'm almost done with my script and upon acceptance, will be cartooning like mad to get this in asap. Sarah will be coloring the gig, since in computerland color is free.

I also drew a new gag panel cartoon for Nickelodeon Magazine, dunno when it'll run, Sarah will be coloring it and it'll go out to them sometime this week. It has a giant ape in it. My brain really is monkey-infested.

Otherwise, nosing along a few things, almost done with the last strip or Biff Bam Pow, think I'll do the laundry today. Ho-hum.