October 23rd, 2004


For those that care...

Dunno if I posted this before, too tired to check, but apparently the Bizarro World anthology will be shipping in February. That's the follow-up to Bizarro Comics, cover by Jaime Hernandez, interiors by many of the same swell underpaid freelancers from the "alt" side of things, a batch of new under-employed folks from said end of the pool, and some non-comics writers and creative types stooping to appear alongside us plain ol' ham an' eggers. Anyway, I assume the book will look great. Story-wise, it's an anthology, so you pays your money and you takes your chances.

HOF-wise, I've been given the a-okay to start drawing my Urbz script after some revisions were made. Apparently some people had to have a meeting over the script, because it was a little too "punk rock" for the punk rock segment (so I was told, jokingly), which I thought was pretty funny (and which made me feel years younger. For a minute or two.). The cuts were mostly minor, mostly silly, nothing surprising. Well, the fact that I couldn't mention blood, let alone show it...I dunno, is the Sims that squeaky-clean of a game? Whatever. The strip should still be fun, and hopefully the art will go smoothly and I'll have pencils within a week or so, that'll be the hardest part of this job.

Finally, there's an updated art for sale list on the HOF site, a few new original pages, a batch of lower prices on stuff that's been sitting, and two new color M&C pin-ups.