October 26th, 2004


Plugs! With links that possibly work!

Here's some stuff you should look at and read and another interview with myself that may or may not be of some interest.

Look, ma, I'm blogging! With links! They might even work!

1) Former TCJ editor, full-time writer and sometimes columnist/interviewer Tom Spurgeon's new, impressive and informative comics weblog which I recommend to you all:


Apparently the new site was hit so hard by comic bookers that it crashed, and Tom will be moving the site to another server (or however this stuff works). The page was down earlier today, but it was back up just now when I went to get the link. So, if you can't bring it up, try again next Monday, according to what Tom posted on the TCJ site, they'll be up and running for sure then.

2) Stuart Immonen's very funny, entertaining and all too-true "Fifty Reasons To Stop Sketching at Conventions", a series of 50 (duh) quick strips which I recommend to you:


3) Interview with that "wacky Evan Dorkin boy" for Adventures in Digital Comics website promoting a documentary on comics. They're running a lot of interviews on their site with cartoonists, many of whom are not featured in the film (like myself). if the interview bores you (you know how I can type), poke around and read up on the film project and read other cartoonists' views on the direct market, the web, and comic book whatnot. My interview is a little old, they've been cooking this for a while now, so some answers are ever-so-slightly dated in re: to the book market and a few other things. Like, I know what Paypal is now. Anyway, here's the link, hopefully:


Damn, baby, this is my most bloggiest blog entry ever! I feel like a member of the comics community!

Or is that a tool?
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