October 31st, 2004



Enjoy it while you can, folks. It's probably my favorite holiday, because there's no connotations other than dressing up, begging for foodstuffs, engorging oneself and watching horror movies. No controversy or religious gobbledygook (Did Columbus really "discover" America? Was this really what Jesus would have wanted? Eight days of oil -- ?!?). Just the patron saints of Bela Lugosi, Ben Cooper and Willy Wonka. And I guess newly annojnted folks like Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. Fun, fun, fun.

That being said, once again the HOF has shut it's doors and put cotton in its ears to dampen the sound of the urgently ringing doorbell. Yes, trick-or-treaters on our doorstep historically get stiffed, turned away, ther is no bowl of candy resting by the entranceway, no hobo signs on our home denoting it as a haven for candy-seeking wayfarers.

Despite our fondness for the holiday, and the amount of decorations sitting in boxes down in the work room, we never seem to have our act together for trick-or-treaters -- we always end up behind the deadline eightball and can't be away constantly from the studio, and even more sadly, our neighborhood has a creepy kid element that is a decided turn-off for filling plastic jack-o'-lanterns with Nestles and Hershey products. The one time we tried to accomodate trick-or-treaters we had a few "kids" of dubious age and intent loitering around the street making things fairly uncomfortable.

We had ourselves a slight Halloween last night, a small party that we left somewhat early, and then Phantom of the Paradise on the DVR. Hadn't seen it in quite some time, and I forgot what a hoot it was. Whatever became of thet DePalma chap, he seemed so promising. Added bonus: Neil Gaiman introducing the film (shown on Fox Movie Channel's twelve or fourteen or what have you days of terror or horror or what have you), while some dopey goth chick did some dopey dancing on some set Elvira must have sold at some point in the 90's to pay a few bills. Odd, to say the least.

Anyway, hope you folks have some fine parties to attend tonight, or had some fine parties to attend last night, or at least watched some good, giddy horror films.

Next up: Thanksgiving. Boooo-riiing.