November 1st, 2004


Would praying help?

I'd try it, really I would, if it would mean getting rid of this administration tomorrow. I really would. But I don't believe in God, and if he is up there, I don't believe God believes in me. So I can only vote tomorrow, and hope the election isn't disrupted or rigged too badly, and hope for the best.

I'm voting for Kerry/Edwards, as I'm sure you kids know. I hope you kids are going to vote, and I hope you're voting for Kerry/Edwards as well. I don't normally advocate candidates, I don't like to tell people what they should do, I don't spout on about politics, but this time it really, really matters. Things are bad, and they can only get worse under this incompetent, criminal administration. I'm not naive, I don't believe Kerry is the answer to everything, but I'm more than willing to give him a chance. I'm not simply voting against Bush, I think Kerry and Edwards appear to be decent people, they're not Gore or Dukakis, someone you feel you have to vote for with some, or serious misgivings. Are Kerry and Edwards saints? Will they accomplish what they say theyw ill? I doubt it. They are politicians, and you can't trust politicians and their promises much, either they're rotten, turn rotten, or are simply incapable of getting some things done in the face of politics and reality. Kerry and Edwards would inherit a mess, I don't know if anyone could clean all this up in four years. But Kerry and Edwards aren't fundamentalists, or idealogues, they're not fear-mongerers, blamers, incompetents, anti-intellectual, anti-science, haters, homophobes, or dividers by choice. The Bush administration has no record to run on, even if you're a Republican I don't understand how you can not be incensed -- big government, big spending, big deficits, anti-states rights, under-supported troops -- this is the famed Republican party? They can't run on education, economy, foreign policy, energy, the deficit, jobs, manufacturing, health care -- all they can talk about is 9/11 (which happened on their watch), fear and terror, and terror and fear, with the usual nasty undercurrents of race, class and godless homosexuals.

What has Bush done to be proud of? What-has-he-done-to-be-proud-of?

I am pessimistic by nature, and certainly in the face of human fear and stupidity and what happened in 2000. I am so often on the losing side of things, being a Mets fan as a kid, that I don't expect to see Kerry win. I hope to be more than pleasantly surprised -- because this is more than Democrat vs Republican, this isn't us vs. them, I'm not an "us", I'm an American and a human being who hates what he's seeing everday. This is people's lives and livelihoods, this is national identity and character, this is the future. This is about returning sanity and rationalism and at least a modicum of truth and integrity back into the White House and America. I feel stupdi saying such things, but I really believe this, and I truly dread another four years of the Bush administration let loose on the world (and whatever might come from that, and after that).

Vote for John Kerry tomorrow, gang. Even if your state seems decided one way or another, even if you hate politics and the system, get out and vote. Say no to Bush, and ignore Nader as the egostistical cretin he is. He hasn't done a damned thing for anyone in the past four years, you are not sending anyone a message this year by voting independent. You are just being perverse in a time when grandstanding is pointless and even dangerous. Nader may not have lost Gore the election, but your vote for Nader doesn't look so smart or cool after four years of Bush, does it? And if you are voting for Bush, well, I don't know why you're reading my comics, and I don't know what to say to you.

Other than my stomach is in fucking knots.