November 29th, 2004


4:43 a.m.

Evening, all. Hope the holidays were good to you. Ours? Decent. Thanks for asking.

Just a short note, to let one and all H.O.F. faithful know that posting will be a bit irregular here for the next few days, or more. I guess I mean a bit more irregular than usual, owing to work, and the impending baby deadline drawing ever nearer. We're a little over three weeks away from Sarah's due date, work has piled up as we've been running around getting ready. We've spent the weekend priming the bedroom, painting, moving furniture, sanding, etc, with much welcome help from friends Andy and Christine (and little Baby Josie) on Saturday, and Sarah's dad and step-mom earlier today. We passed out after they left and I didn't get up until midnight, so now we're up, bright and stupidly early and covered with paint primer with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Sarah's not sleeping much because of the discomfort of being chock-full of baby, and the cats are going bonkers because of all the house changes and people tramping around, so sleep has not been coming easy. Practice for when we have the baby with us, I figure.

So, things will slow down here a bit this month, I assume, due to our schedule. We'll be finishing the Urbz strip up this week while painting the rooms, and I'm working on a new pitch for Mad that they have expressed some interest in. We also will try to get the last of the Biff Bam Pow! material squared away, as much of it as we can under the circumstances, that project has fallen behind simply because of pregancy logistics. We underestimated how much we'd have to do to get ready for Baby X. Okay, I underestimated. I can't do computer work on the book, Sarah handles all the graphics, cleaning of art, corrections, coloring, spes -- I am lost without her, oh, in so many ways. Maybe our daughter can learn to color before she's five. Kids are computer-savvy these days, yeah, sure, why not?

Haven't been paying attention to much of anything other than house and home, and nothing has come out of late in the comics shop of killer interest since David B's Babel. I did pick up a copy of the Gary Baseman art book from Chronicle, which is nifty. The new Previews held nothing of special interest to me, a Scary Girl art book, a Journal focusing on manga, nothing else memorable, really. Flipped through it and dumped it in record time. Haven't seen any new movies, haven't seen any old movies, been skipping wrestling, no new music...and no goddam butter in our Thanksgiving meal because we were at a home that keeps Kosher. This will be dealt with in a Milk and Cheese strip I've been planning about Passover. Yes it will. Severely, to boot.

Type at you soon. kids. If you need something comics to read go over to Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter site, it's been really informative and interesting lately, I've really been enjoying it and hope it sticks for a good long while.

Stay outta Walmarts and keep yer noses clean, y'hear?
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