December 8th, 2004


H.O.F. Urbz strip is now live

Our contribution to the Urbz videogame website (and our first web-only comic) is now up and running. It's a four-page strip that takes place in the "punk/goth" Central Station section of the Urbz city, and uses a batch of characters and scenarios from that part of the game. The direct link is:

Urbz: Central Station Comic

I'm working on a two-page pitch for Mad, finishing up stuff for the delayed Biff Bam Pow, we have the Bill and Ted material in our laps for finally putting the book/editorial together for volume 1, I've accepted a gig drawing a comics page for Maxim U.K. (which may turn out to be a regular gig if all goes well), and I'm talking with some folks about some gag writing on a property tie-in type of book. And I'v started working on my damned Adult Swim script again, finally. Everything's going painfully slow as we wrangle with our work schedule while hitting various doctor's offices, shopping for baby stuff, cleaning, painting the bedroom and assembling oddly-named Ikea furniture for the kid-to-be.

We just got back from the vet a little while ago, we took Pixel in because he's been losing weight and giving us the worries, and it looks like he has thyroid trouble. Which sucks, but at least if that's what it turns out to be it is treatable and he should be fine once he gets medicine or radiation, whichever we find to be more practical and effective in the long run. Now we're off to Babies R Us because they sold us an item that was missing parts and looked suspiciously as if someone had retruned it after using it, and the package was re-glued. Cripes. Such chicanery.

I bought one present for myself this week, and that's the Marx Brothers 6-disc boxed set of their first five films (the "Zeppo" years) plus a bonus disc of old Today shgow interviews and some other such flummery. Decent price at Costco. less than $10 a pop for a movie. As soon as I get some spare time I'm sitting down to watch Duck Soup muy pronto.

Comics-wise, I ran in and out of the shop really fast, grabbed the first DHC Little Lulu trade, and dunno if anything else came out worth mentioning (There was a book/artsy package on vinyl toys -- Vinyl WIll Kill (?)-- but both copies at JHU were battered and we're at skin-limit for books and stuff anyway, so I passed on it for the time being). I already have most of the Another Rainbow Little Lulu libraries but I wanted editions I can just bang around and presumably read to my daughter-to-be down the road. Great comics, inventive, deceptively simple, well-done all-ages comics, smart enough for adults, goofy enough for kids. $10 for many b&w pages.

Okay, I disappear back into the fog again until next time. Sarah's doing pretty well, we're less than two weeks away from the due date, and we're pretty anxious. Hope all's well with you kids and kidlets.