February 8th, 2007


I'm Talking Here! Hey! I'm Talking Here!

Nerve.com is posting the contents to its comics issue this week, which as of today includes an interview with your humble cartoonist.  If you don't care to read yet more jibber-jabber about my mental state or those comics that I hardly do anymore, you can read a one-page Milk and Cheese strip that ran recently in Negative Burn, called "Blind Stinking Drunks". I doubt many of you saw it, so see it here. I also apparently talked about being a parent a bit. Not that I remember anything I say when my vocal motor is running.

Other things to check out: New strips by Chynna Clugston, Andi Watson and Paul Pope (among others), interviews with Peter Bagge and Roz Chast, and a batch of articles about comics and the connections between sex and comics (Insert joke here). Anyway, a batch of interesting comics-related stuff in a general audience atmosphere. Nifty stuff all-around, and you can also check out the Personals on the sidebar and wonder how all these attractive people with fascinating interests are unable to find a date. 

(One minor complaint, though:  Kicking off the comic issue with a graphic of a bed bedecked with Superman sheets and pillows = lousy idea.. That would be like trying to entice people to discover the cinema by smacking them over the head with a screening of "Batman Returns" or Carrot Tops' "Chairman of the Board". I can understand the high concept, I guess -- the site features a lot of sex stuff, there's a bed, there's a comic character, right, got it, check. But the comics coverage on the site is largely of the non-superhero/alt/indy variety, and that garish Eltingville wet dream bedscape is what is known as a fucking turn-off to everyone on the planet other than certain members of DC editorial. There's a dick-wilter if there ever was one, why not toss a dead, eviscerated wombat and some liposuction leftover on that bed while you're at it? Speaking of that bed, it's too clean -- no one on Earth has Superman sheets on that clean a bed. It's either kiddie-wrecked or fanboy-spunked and food-soiled. Couldn't they at least have gone for some good-looking folks in custom Underoos or something if they had to go that route? If you have to go cheeseball, at least provide some eye/hormone candy for the audience. Yeesh. Superman sheets. It's like Kryptonite for your crotch.)

In other interview news: Robin McConnell has put together a new, more user-friendly website for The Inkstuds radio show/podcasts, You can find audio interviews with folks such as Jaime Hernandez, Ivan Brunetti, and a number of other notable and up and coming citizens of the cartooning world.  If you missed my gabfest with Robin and Colin Upton, you can listen to it here.

Oh -- thanks to everyone who voted in our little monster poll. The poll isn't closed, so if you wish to participate, scroll down to the next post and click on whatever you have to click on to do the job.
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