February 9th, 2007


Failures In Freelancing # Whatever

Well, as it turns out, that bad feeling I had was right on the money. We just got the word from the Adult Swim/Cartoon Network that Tyrone's Inferno has been shelved. Apparently because of budgeting at the Network, and not a lack of interest in the project. That's at least some slight comfort. I guess. If it's true.

Oh, well, there goes that. I should have been less nervous and uptight over the bible and the script and the revisions and just gotten it all done sooner and we may have avoided this. Or maybe not. It could have bombed anyway. Whatever. The pilot is a no go, at least for now, although I'm not holding my breath anything will happen to resurrect my little zombie down the line.

I'm pretty bummed, I think these were really solid characters and the pilot/show would have been funny. Or maybe not. I wish we could have at least gotten the pilot produced. Crap. I need a drink.
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