May 1st, 2007


I Love You Beth Cooper: Info, Press, Signing in NYC


Larry Doyle's novel, I Love You, Beth Cooper, will be hitting bookstore shelves on May 8th. The coming of age comedy details what happens after uber-geek Denis Cooverman confesses his love for the most popular girl in school during a valedictorian speech. I did the jacket illustration of Denis, which carries over into 24 chapter illustrations which show the progressive damage done to our hero as the story unfolds. Things get increasingly ugly, as Denis suffers violence, thorns, mosquitoes, blood flow, tampons, food, alcohol and yet more violence. Meaning, this stuff was fun to draw. (You can see a trailer involving some of the drawings by clicking on the book title above. I think the website is also swapping four random chapter illos out every day for folks to check out.)

You can find some advanced reviews of the novel here, on Larry Doyle's blog. if you like smart, snark, the Simpsons, Spy or the New Yorker (Doyle has written for all three, he also worked in comics briefly, but let's not hold that against him) and/or classic or semi-classic raunchy coming of age teen romp movies, this might knock one or two of your socks off.

On Tuesday, May 15th, the McNally Robinson Booksellers in NYC will host an author/illustrator signing event for the book, taking place at 7:00 p.m. McNally Robinson is located at 52 Prince Street, and you can read more about the event and the store here on their web page. If all goes according to plan, they will have copies of some of my humble little cartoon books for sale at the event, as well. The event description on the website kind of makes it sound like there may be some sort of discussion, which unnerves me a little. "I just draw the pictures". Anyway, I hope some of you are able to stop by and help me not look like a pathetic fifth wheel treading on Larry's coattails. I'm already a little nervous about doing a signing in a real book store, like walking into a church or synagogue, I half-expect to burst into flames, deemed an unworthy interloper by some higher authority. The literary gods say nay -- cast the doodler into the pit!

Anyway, there you go. Do with it what you will.