May 10th, 2007



"New" Mary Blair. Need anyone say more?

I read about it here, via a link at Cartoon Brew. You can read more about it, too. There's also news of a book on the superb animation designer Maurice Noble that I likely won't be able to afford. I can only buy books at Jim Hanley's Universe, where I have my store discount.

Well, not today, because Dick Tracy volume two was not sent over to the Staten Island store. Maybe it didn't actually ship. But it was on the shipping list of new books that they print out for the customers. And a few weeks back they didn't have the most recent Peanuts book the day it came out. So it could be a horrible stroke of fate. Or something. And I'm still waiting for a copy of the Universe of Dupuy and Berberian, which came out several weeks ago, to show up. I know they don't make a lot of money off me, and I'm a pain in the ass, but why do they hate me so? Bah. I was really looking forward to picking up that Dick Tracy today, I took Emily along and was all happy in the face and everything.

But no. No Dick Tracy. No awful, rip-off IDW jacket design with the horrific spacing problems on the lettering (what is that? Kerning? I dunno. Whatever, it's ass.). No nothing. Just call me Loserface. But I will be back.