May 16th, 2007


My Publishing Career

Is now officially over. At least for the time being. One never knows.

My first and last real bookstore signing went pretty alright, I'd say. Well, my first and last real co-signing.

My thanks to those who showed up to support the illustrator -- Steve (I hope to have pictures of the new M&C prototypes up this week), Jamie Turner (don't forget to let me know when the book release is scheduled), and Robbie Busch, Joey Cavalieri and Marie Javins, who I haven't seen in ages. The familiar faces helped me feel a bit less overwhelmed (I'm used to talking to guys in comic book t-shirts, not  professional women in business clothes).  Larry was a bit less talkative that I'd remembered from the last time I'd seen him, oh, about 15 years ago. Luckily, when I'm nervous, I can fill pauses with good ol' fashioned Brooklyn yammering. Larry read excerpts from the book, we yammered a bit, took questions, trashed Family Guy, talked about his early experiences working at First Comics, creepy convention anecdotes, etc. Signed some books, signed a lot of promotional posters featuring my art, gave a few copies of my second Dork trade to the book's editor, and a lady I later found out was the CEO of Harper Collins. Oy vey. I thought she was just in charge of the Ecco imprint. Good thing, I guess, I tend to shy away from very successful people, I have a bad habit of trying to hard to pronounce my "ing's" correctly to the point of irritating affectation, and to ask for spare change.

Had dinner with Robbie, Joey and Marie afterward, leaving me with an empty wallet, a sore throat from yammering, and the feeling of being an actual New Yorker for the first time in months. Then I drove home listening to The Life of Riley and The Shadow on that Canadian station that I can sometimes get on my car antennae.

When I got home I found a note from Sarah that she was in with the baby, who had developed a slight ever. Emily's doing better now, but she had a rough night.

And that was my signing.

Now it's back to comics.