May 22nd, 2007


I Used To Love That Comic

I used to love Flaming Carrot. Ditto Nexus. To name two titles off the top of my head. One day I just sort of stopped buying it. What happened? Was it me? Maybe it was me. maybe the books stopped working for me because I got older. Or jaded. Or the books dropped in quality, or started lacking a quality I personally felt was missing. A book like Nexus or Zot, I thought it just went off the rails, and I stopped following it. Concrete just left me cold after three or so arcs. A book like Hate, I dunno, maybe it was just me, because I certainly respect the hell out of Bagge, but for some reason I just stopped buying it, after being a dedicated Neat Stuff/Hate reader. Peepshow. Well, that turned to shite. IMHO, of course. Marvel and DC superheroes, well, ditto. I think it's them, not me, on that one. Well, maybe partly me, but I don't hate superheroes, and I followed them for ages, but since the 90's, no dice. Done. 

Anyway, my office internet link is hosed again, things suck and time is in short supply this week, so I'll let you do the heavy lifting on this one. What once-favorite books have you soured on, much to your regret/surprise. Was it you? The creators? An editorial decision? Lack of funds? Lack of interest?

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