November 3rd, 2007


Attention All Drunks: Milk and Cheese Beer Mugs

Several years ago practically every SLG project we here at the H.O.F. were working on went to Hades: we bumped Biff Bam Pow because of Sarah's pregnancy, we ran into production nightmares on the first attempt at the Milk and Cheese vinyl toys, and a solicited set of Milk and Cheese beer mugs crashed and burned for reasons I don't even remember. Well, Dan at SLG dropped us a line recently asking us if we wanted to just do the mugs ourselves ("ourselves" meaning SLG). And so we did.

As a result, two-fisted drinking perfection can now be yours with the brand stinking new Milk and Cheese beer mug set, now available from SLG. Sold only as a set, and for a limited time only, according to the SLG site. Beer not included, you cheap bastards.

So, now you can play with a set of Milk and Cheese toys, wear Milk and Cheese shirts, and drink out of Milk and Cheese mugs.

One day maybe we'll actually do a new Milk and Cheese comic book that you can read.

In the meantime: Drink Up! Pony up! Shut up!