November 6th, 2007


Impending Small-Time, Temporary Doom?

So, if the screenwriters strike lasts for more than a couple of weeks, do you think we're in for a flood of shitty comic books coming from fanboy /girl union members with time on their hands and/or high concepts in their files? 


I mean, I'm exaggerating here (I hope), and I'm sympathetic to the writers, even if I hate most of their work and don't give a rip if late night talk shows are in reruns, the 2008 pilot season might be fucked, or the next Saw movie might be delayed.  I just wince thinking about the possible influx of yet more overvalued and under-talented Hollywood dinks into the already fattened Previews phonebook of horrors.

On the positive side, at least I'm not working for anyone who might want to replace me with some movie hacks because they have some cache from the "real world". I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel and DC was making calls to see who's free in L.A. to work up some JLA or Spider-Man pitches. Because, yes, we love our comics, and we supposedly respect ourselves nowadays, but boy do we fall all over our sad selves when somebody from the real world of film or television deigns to lend their name or talents to one of our lowly comic book projects. And they all sell so well, too. Cripes. When's the last time you ever saw a movie or tv show trumpet loudly and proudly that they snagged a comic book creator to work on their product? We still pretty much suck, despite what some newspaper articles say. Feh. It's amazing how many tinseltown goofs have their names plastered all over Previews nowadays, and half of them aren't even writing their own fucking books. Which might be a good thing, when you consider the Richard Donners of the world may actually be contributing to the literature of comics.

Please, Hollywood Screenwriters of America, I beg of you, comics are fucked enough, just keep doing the great job you're doing fucking up the movies, won't you? The strike won't last forever, take a nice vacation, work on that novel, blog a bit, do some drugs. Comics aren't hip and they won't make you rich or guarantee you get a production deal. Just look away, nothing to see here.