November 7th, 2007


HOF Dispatch: November 7th 2007

Playing catch-up:

- We finished up the one page strip for the next issue of Heeb. It's called, "How To Cook A Gentile". Can you guess what it's about?

- The Daily Crosshatch has posted the third part of the interview they did with me, which will apparently be concluded sometime in 2015. This time around, some semi-coherent, unedited blabbing about Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic, my former "career" working for Marvel and DC, and some other unimportant stuff. 

- Look: More crazy Milk and Cheese Halloween costumes, courtesy of reader Ben Leach (and possibly some cheap Gin or Rye):

- We're working on the Comic Book section cover for an upcoming Nick magazine, this time in -- 3-D! Wait until you see it -- you'll believe you're actually looking at it! In 3-D! I'm actually pretty excited to see how this works out.

- Some folks are taking my last LJ post a little too seriously. Ha ha on them.

- The first "Beasts of Burden" strip Jill Thompson and I did together (for The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings) will be included in DHC's upcoming Dark Horse: Twenty Years of Comics anthology, slated to ship on march 19th, 2008. This will be the second reprint for the story (for which Jill won an Eisner Award for her painted artwork), it was previously made available as a stand-alone Halloween giveaway from DHC several years ago.

- My sincere thanks to those folks who have written us about Biff Bam Pow! #1, or posted a review of the comic on the web, or pointed out a review to us to check out. We appreciate the kind words, hell, even the unkind words, at least those folks gave it a try. I've seen a few review sites that mentioned it and was happy to see that some folks gave our little comic some virtual ink amongst all the Countdown and World War Hulk books. And some book about Peanuts that people seem to be discussing for some reason or other. And manga. And everything else that outsells our stuff by a horrendous margin. Anyway, thanks to folks who mentioned or plugged the book, including Kevin Church, Dave Von Domelon, Bully, Tom Bondurant, Tom Spurgeon, and those retailers who pushed BBP in their newsletters, and anyone else out there who gave us some play. We rarely get any attention from the mainstream comics "press", we pretty much never get mainstream magazine/web coverage, and we're ignored by most shops. So, as always, word of mouth from the readers is about all we can hope for to keep this small press stuff rolling. Thanks for spreading the word. 

All for now. Keep watching the skies and trading the tapes.