November 11th, 2007


Creaky Old CD Cover Art

Good lord, this one is over twelve years old. Third in a series of Jump Up! records ska comps. Printed in b&w.

I think this one is only nine years old. Long enough that I can't remember, it's not dated like the first piece.

There's a couple of PC$!/HP characters in there somewhere, including the Egg Guy who used to show up in backgrounds a lot.

Warped Tour giveaway promo CD, front cover. I think this was done in 2000. I didn't get a copy of the CD until I won it on e-bay for a dollar or something. At the time, this was about as decent an ink job as I could provide. The drawing is too stiff and awkward, especially in the shoulders and arms. And the hat's too big for the head, even with the hair factored in it should be more snug. Hindsight and all. At the time I was pleased with it, at least for a week or so.

Back cover image.

I remember the original sketches were rejected because the characters of the boy and girl were "too punk", shaved heads, chopped hair and ripped clothes, tattoos. They wanted them more attractive and less "punk". Bless you, Warped Tour. Bless you, commercial punk rock media corporations. Oh, well. It was ridiculous, but the person I worked for on this was nice, and I didn't have to actually go to the Warped Tour, and it was the best check I ever got for a CD/album job.

I really enjoyed doing band art back in the day, I only wish we had the computer around for the majority of them (and that I was capable of more polished, better composed work). The pre-digital jobs were all transferred to acetate and then painted like cels by Sarah. They almost never printed true to the colors, and in a few instances the cel method plus cheap printing meant ugly results . An Exceptions CD came out very dark, and our last Jump Up release (Ska American Style) was horribly distorted and looked terrible, including the picture disc version ( a real bummer, the only picture disc we worked on). By the time Sarah started doing the colors digitally, people pretty much stopped asking us for art.  We very rarely made decent money on this stuff, but it was a learning process for me and almost always a lot of fun.