November 13th, 2007


Jack Kirby Monster Comics For Your Reading Pleasure

Monster Blog -- a site devoted to those beloved, nutso, pre-Marvel Age of Comics Jack Kirby monster comics -- has posted scans of  thirty-nine Jack Kirby monster comic book stories that have not been reprinted since they first appeared.

This has been making the rounds for the past day or so, Sarah found it plugged on Boing Boing yesterday, iirc, and folks were e-mailing me about it (including Brendan from the Daily Crosshatch, thanks for thinking of us). I figure some of you interested parties have already come across this nugget, alos figured this was worth spreading around just in case. Can't have enough Kirby, as far as I'm concerned (unless it's his Paciifc Comics stuff, which hurts ina  way even the Dingbats of Danger Street doesn't).

Haven't had the time myself to check out any of the stories and see who's new to the Kirby/Lee pantheon of Goom, Googam, Fin Fang Foom, Taboo, the Blip and whoever the hell else attacked our poor planet in the early 60's. Looking forward to it some time, even with my dislike of reading comics off the monitor. 
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Frightful Four Inks

I posted the pencils for this a while back, then never had time to ink it.  I kicked it around while waiting for ink to dry on various jobs over the past couple of months. Finally finished it up the other day while completing the Heeb strip. One day I'll try to get Sarah to color it for laughs and I'll post that version. It needs all that purple and green Kirby's villains were constantly sporting in the Marvel Age of Comics.