November 18th, 2007


Win a Copy of Biff Bam Pow #1. Or Don't.

Want to win a copy of Biff Bam Pow #1? Sure you do. Yes, you do, stop arguing with me. Jeez.

Anyway, all you have to do to be in the running is to post an answer to these three questions:

1) Who would you like to see punched hard enough to get a black eye?

2) Who  would you like to see punched hard enough to break their nose?

3) Who would you like to see punched hard enough to be knocked unconscious for 5-6 months?

It can be someone from comics, or not. Obvious answers like "George W. Bush" or "Donald Trump" or "Sting" are acceptable, but rather dull and obvious, don't you think? Besides, these individuals require more than a single punch for their actions against humanity, imho.

The rules:

One entry will win. Many will lose. People who don't read my LJ are not eligible. I have no employees, so we don't have to worry about that exemption guff. I don't care if you're someone I know, if you're too cheap or lazy to buy Biff Bam Pow, you're eligible. I don't care. It's only a $3 book, it's not something amazing, like that ugly Adult Swim mirror I gave away a while back. Boy, was that ugly. I hope whoever won it broke it. Seven years good luck, it was such an ugly mirror. Oh, the winner is to be decided by me, and my decision is final and open to whatever mood I'm in at the moment.

Hey, to sweeten the pot, I'll also throw in this quick, small head sketch of One Punch Goldberg that I f'd up only slightly. This brings the total value of this H.O.F. prize package to about $4.50.

How could you resist that? I know, but pretend you can't anyway.

Start your
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