November 21st, 2007


Mac Gargan, aka The Scorpion

Another old school Marvel villain who I liked as a kid, mainly because of the nutty Steve Ditko-designed costume and the fact that he was always royally pissed off. Like, seething pissed-off. All the time. Angry fella, The Scorpion. I love the awkward tail weapon that would likely toss him off his feet every time he swung it at someone.  I think he could grip well, too. He had gripping powers or special gripping gloves or something like that. Gripping powers are very essential for a villain. Oh, wait, no they're not. Ha ha, those old comics sure were funny. New comics have them beat all over. Gripping powers, out. Raping abilities, in.

One of the first legit old comics I ever owned was the second (iirc) Scorpion appearance in Amazing Spider-Man, so that probably cemented my fondness for this idiot (then again, the first old Spider-Man comic I ever owned had The Looter in it, and you don't see a drawing of The Friggin' Looter up there. I mean, really, now -- The Looter? That's lame even for the early-mid '60's. Maybe it would have chilld the blood of Edwardian readers. Fortunately the Looter wasn't a success, so Marvelites were spared "The Vandalizer", and "The Breaker and Enterer".)

Also, once when I was sick, three people bought me the same Spider-Man comic, which featured a nifty Romita Sr. cover of the Scorpion pissed off and threatening Aunt May in a hospital (see, you kind of have to be a pissed-off jerk to threaten old ladies in hospital beds. Dr. Doom never tried to snuff a hag in a hospital bed. That's because he's a monarch and above such things. Then again, The Looter never pulled such a stunt, either, and he didn't rule a made-up country. He just Looted. All my theories are being blown sky-high tonight). I have to say, Scorpion or no Scorpion, you tend to remember getting three copies of the same comic as a kid. It's just so completely wrong. One copy. And another. And a third...what fresh hell is this? That could have very easily been three different god-damned comics. Maybe even an annual. What a waste. Sheesh.

Anyway, yeah, the Scorpion. I liked that goof. I'll post the inks to this whenever I get around to it. Inking it, that is.