January 5th, 2008


This, That, And The Other Thing

Nice, if belated, review of Dork #11 at Popmatters. Not that I'm complaining. Bring on the late compliments, I'm all ears, folks.

Finished up a few small spot illustrations for Mad. Dunno when the piece is running.

Our 3-D cover for Nick Mag's "The Comic Book" section is supposed to be in the March issue (iirc). It's in 3-D!

The print version of Heeb #16 came out a week or two ago. The issue with that cannibal comic strip I posted about. The one that's on line for free. So, if you just want the comic strip, you can save your money.  (The strip will be in Dork #12 someday. But you may not live to see it, Hell, I may not live to see it.)

If you want to know where my next million is coming from, here's a clue: The Hamburger Goonis.

No movement on the long-delayed DHC series I was hoping to write last year. In case anyone was wondering. What was it Charlie Brown used to say? Oh, right. "Sigh".  Man, was that round-headed kid a pussy. He hung out with more girls than I did as a kid. So what if they screwed with him.

I'm working on another script for the Bart Simpson comic book, an 8-pager this time out. The 15-pager I turned in last month should see print sometime in 2008. I assume. I mean, they accepted it. I'll let you know.

The way things are going, I doubt I'll be getting an issue of my own stuff out in 2008. But who knows.

Having trouble getting a good portion of the soundtrack to the movie Starstruck out of my head today. 

Going from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility to the Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps has made another part of my head -- the part that's not humming songs from the Starstruck soundtrack -- a bit wonky. I should have gone to a book that could have bridged things better, something with some sort of menace, perhaps. Maybe Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White, say. Or some Lovecraft nonsense. Something less genteel, to walk it in to the tough guy stuff. I dunno. I'm adjusting pretty okay. 

Speaking of the old pulps -- I think I'm doomed to become addicted to the costumed idiots from the Pulp Era after reading some episodes of The Spider by Norvell Page that were collected in a book I recently borrowed from the library. The Lawgiver has always maintained that the better Spider stories are some of the more entertaining and bugfuck pulp adventurer stories, but I'd never indulged until recently, after I spotted the collection in the "new fiction" section at the New Dorp branch. It was really over the top stuff, and I enjoyed it immensely. They should have placed it in the "new bugfuck" section. The usual nonsense -- nerves of steel rich-guy/avenger by night nut case vigilante, etc And he's got the Shadow-esque suit and cape outfit but instead of the extended proboscis shtick he sometimes ran around in a fright mask with fangs while making like a hunchback of sorts (?). The villainous plots include men in mechanical suits pushing tenements over with the inhabitants still inside (many innocents die) and hordes of rabid bats (many more innocents die). The motivations for the villainous plots are pure stupid gold. it's all gloriously dumb and exciting and if I was twelve I would have most likely been terrified at the casual violence and the incredible death toll in these stories.

The craziest material, however, is to be found in a back-up story reprinting a fever dream called The Octopus, which Sarah read as well. We're still recovering from it. It's like, well, it's as if...um, okay, let's say Cthulhu came to Earth to run a medical extortion racket based on transforming people into monsters. And the hero is a nutjob called the Skull Killer, who is a rich fella who also poses as an elderly doctor named Dr. Skull. Let's say it's like that. For starters. Because words do not do it justice. Other than these: Bat. Shit. Crazy. At first I was annoyed that the back cover doesn't let the reader in on the fact that the third story isn't a Spider pulp, but the Octopus more than made up for that. Apparently, the Octopus was a failure, and was reprinted as The Scoprion

The book features a Steranko cover for those that care about Steranko covers (I don't, sorry), and one of the worst introductions to a book of any kind I've ever read. If you have an interest in WTF --? old crap that's similar to radio shows or comics and whatnot, but even crazier, then by all means, have at thee. I've picked up one of those reprints that recreate an entire issue of a pulp (another Spider adventure, haven't read it yet). I don't have the dough to get into this as a regular hobby, for the same reason I don't collect comic strip tabs or Big Little Books, but I wanted to read another one and it's not like you can just go to the newsstand and grab one.  I wish the library had more of this junk.  Sure, they've got Jane Austen. Who doesn't? Libraries are stodgy. They need more crap like The Spider. 

Haven't heard anything music-wise that I've been knocked out by recently. Haven't seen many movies lately, we haven't turned on our TV in some time for anything other than Animal Crossing game sessions with Emily. A few weeks ago the Lawgiver did show some choice Indonesian exploitation, a wack-tacky extravaganza called Virgins From Hell, which makes shit like The Spider come off as high art. It's kind of like a girl gang flick meets a women in jungle prison flick, with some horror/mad scientist overtones. And a healthy dose of incompetence. Highlights include a mid-air motorcycle explosion where the bike is clearly hanging on wires (and remains in mid-air after exploding), the use of a snake to remove a bullet from a guy's leg, barrels marked "danger" which prove to be dangerous, inept action sequences, one of the ugliest soft-core sex scenes I can remember grimacing through, girls whipped in a bath tub, hi-larious dialog, and amateur melting man gore effects.  It's pretty awful/great. Certainly not boring. No time for boring in Indonesia, leave all logic and exposition on the cutting room floor, please, because there's no time for boring.

Afterward we sat mesmerized through about twenty trailers for various Indonesian insults to film stock. I've seen four or five Indonesian action/"martial arts" flicks now and they've all been uniformly incredible. Highly recommended.

And thus ends my post. Good night.