January 15th, 2008


SLG 20% Off Sale: Ends January 18th

This is the letter I received from my publisher regarding their current website sale. Apparently everything on the site is 20% off  until the 18th, and shipping is free for items over $50. That would cover all of our listed H.O.F. crap, including the "I like it but it's too rich for my blood" M&C figure set, the "I forgot about them M&C beer mugs" and the "oh, those, yeah, well..."non-M&C trade paperback collections like Dork and Hectic Planet. And that comic you've always been meaning to buy by James Turner or Andi Watson or Faith Erin Hicks or whomever. I know, I'm fishing. I didn't go to business school. For me, marketing is going to the grocery store for sodey pop and stuff.

Anyway, sorry the blog's been so commerce-oriented as of late, Emily's been sick again and we've had a lot on our hands, and not much to post about other than boring "here's something to possible buy" sorts of things. Or, "I bought this", or "someone bought me that". Very commercial, I know. Much consumerism abounding. This item is time sensitive, so, I figured some of you might want to know about it. I hope to get back to some more general posting asap. So, yeah, here's the notice on the sale. Use it, abuse it, lose it. Whatever.

SLG Publishing is ringing in the New Year with a one week, 20% off sale. Everything listed on our website is 20% off regular price from now until January 18th. Limited to supplies on hand and for a limited time only, so order today.

To get the discount please enter the following coupon code: 2008

In some cases, you may need to log in before you see your discount.

Remember that US orders over $50 get FREE SHIPPING, so order often and order early.

Go to http://www.slgcomic.com and check our NEW ARRIVALS section for all kinds of cool new stuff.

Happy New Year and thanks for all of your support.

The entire staff at SLG Publishing

SLG Publishing
577 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Please direct all questions and comments to info@slgpubs.com