January 29th, 2008


Dan Clowes Convention Sketch

Dan Clowes con sketch I picked up in 1990 at the San Diego Comic-Con:

I don't remember the "Eatniks" characters very well, I'm pretty sure they're from a Lloyd Llewellyn issue. Dan didn't remember how to draw them too well and makes a note of that in the signature. Now that I think about it, I think what we have here is an Eatnik and a Llewellyn sidekick character. I haven't read LLLL in ages, forgive my lack of Eltingville recall (more like Northwest Comix Collective recall, but nobody seems to remember that strip for some reason).  I do recall being super nervous talking to him when I asked for the sketch. What a dweeb I is. Around 2000 or whenever it was, after the CBDLF cruise ended he had come to meet the boat to pick up his wife, and I said hello to him and then got all dweebed out and made some caveman-like nods and grunts that might have meant something and then scuttled off feeling awful. I really get flustered around cartoonists I admire. It's kind of pathetic. When I met Jim Woodring at SDCC my leg shook so badly I was practically Flamenco dancing. It's not something I'm proud of.

Why am I even mentioning this shit? Oh, because I'm a god damned dweeb, that's why.

I have another Clowes piece in storage, a nice page from an early issue of Eightball, one of the semi-splash head shot chapter pages from the Velvet Glove serial. It's one of the few pieces I ever got around to having framed. You can see a sketchy version of it in my studio in Dork #7 if anyone cares about such super-trivial things. Along with a Peter Bagge Neat Stuff/Girly-Girl page I sold a few years ago when the ol' cash flow wasn't flowing so.

Next up should be some Los Bros stuff.

Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez Con Sketches

I attended my first San Diego Comic Con in 1987 to promote my first solo comic, Pirate Corp$! #1. I made a few bucks in Artist's Alley doing superhero sketches and selling copies of the comic and spent a good part of what I made on these three sketches that I commissioned from Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez. They're pretty much all I can recall buying that week (other than dinner at Jack-In-The-Box and a lot of Coronas).

These drawings mean a lot to me for a number of reasons, and I will treasure them always. Corny as that sounds.

Notice Gilbert's signature. I told you I was a nervous wreck around cartoonists I admired.

What a dweeb!