February 9th, 2008


Bill and Ted Fan Art

The Marvel Comics Bill and Ted book never sold a lot of copies but it got some nice mail from the small but loyal readership. Many of the younger readers wrote their questions directly to the characters, wished them well, asked them to come visit them at home or attend a birthday party, things like that. Pure kid stuff, entirely enchanting. Sometimes the kids sent in their own comics and drawings. Fabian Nicieza, the book's editor (and the guy what hired me), would let me take the fan mail home to read through when they were done choosing material for the letters column.  If the spirit moved me I'd send replies to a few readers.

Anyway, I loved this young fan's comic so much I kept it. He said we could print it, so, here goes, only about sixteen years after the fact.
J. Graham, if you're out there, thanks for reading Bill and Ted back in the day. Stay excellent!

Bill and Ted Melvin the Death
by Jim or Jess or J Graham

Panel 1
Death: Hi

Panel 2
Bill: Hi Death

Panel 3
Ted: Wow.
Ted: Cool shirt

Panel 4
Death shows Bill and Ted his shirt.

Panel 5
Death (off panel) I challenge you
(the box reads: Kings Game)

Panel 6
Death: I know!

Panel 7
Someone: You loose
Someone else: Damn right!

Panel 8
Death: Melvin