February 22nd, 2008


Disjointed Off-The-Cuff Entry Covering Recent Past

Things have been pretty hectic as of late, which is why the journal's been nothing but dead air for a week or so. And we're still getting over colds, especially Emily. I'm in pretty decent shape, Sarah's still a bit sick, poor Em's had the Sniffilus for days now.

We've mostly spent the last week working on the house and painting the kitchen, running errands, buying boring crap to work on the house and paint the kitchen. I listened to a lot of goofy old horror radio shows while dripping paint all over myself. Screwed my back up, my arm, what else is new. Everyone together, now, "awwwww." Now laugh, laugh, laugh.

We've also been "taking meetings", although our meeting with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie today was called on account of snow. We hope to get together tomorrow and discuss some things I'm hopefully doing for DHC. 

We took Emily into Manhattan to see the Aquabats show, talk to the Bat Commander, etc. Emily got to meet DJ Lance Rock which flustered her quite a bit at first. During his DJ set folks came out in the Plex and Brobee suits and Emily's eyes went saucer-wide. It was a really fun evening. Got to talk to Parker Jacobs, aka, The Professor, aka the guy who does a ton of the design work for Yo Gabba Gabba. We first met him at a 'Bats gig quite a few years ago and it was nice to catch up. We also met YGG co-creator Scott Schultz. Got together with him and Christian a few days after the show to chat before they flew back to the left coast. We may do some more stuff with those folks in the coming year. More later if there is more later.

Spent today shoveling while listening to The Electric Six on some little audio device Sarah got me for Valentine's Day. I don't even know what it's called. Little music thing I can download muisc to. It's not an I-POd. It's a little music thing. Afterward we took Emily out in the backyard for her first official snow day. We made Japanese-style snowmen (two tiers instead of three) and snow rabbits. And Emily made her first snowman and snowbunny and was a very happy little girl. 

Was offered a job to do a graphic novel adaptation of an existing work. Hmmm. Dunno if it's something I want to do. But it might be. Hmmm.

Finished up the inks on some Nickelodeon gags. Sold a gag panel to Mad Kids. Mad #487 has a quartet of spot-type illustrations we did for the Fundalini section. Also a new "Monkeys Are Always Funny" bit, the photo feature bit I sold to them a few years back and which I thought was dead. Need to finish up a T-shirt design for the Indy Island bit at Heroes Con, an Exhumed Films t-shirt I've been straggling behind on for ages, and a charity drawing for a comic shop auction. I think I'm drawing the Hulk. I don't know why I picked him to draw. Don't even much like him. But there you go.

Got an assignment to do a two-page Milk and Cheese strip for the Dark Horse Presents MySpace page, due in April. It'll be a color strip, which is always nice. And it pays, also nice. I haven't made anything from the last four or five M&C strips I've done for various anthologies. Ah, to be young again, when that didn't hurt as much. Got my comps on the Predator Omnibus vol 2, which has some very old, creaky work of mine in it. Ah, to not be young again, when my work was amateurish. 

Milk and Cheese will be making cameo appearances in two comic series sometime this year. A book called Hack/Slash from Devil's Due and something called The War of the Independents, which will apparently also feature characters such as Flaming Carrot, Bone, some other guys. 

I don't know what happened to the "Cheese" shirt which was supposed to be the companion to the "Milk" shirt SLG recently put out. So don't write me, write SLG. I should write them myself, come to think of it. I will. Unless I forget.

We took the plunge last week and canceled our cable. We realized we were barely watching broadcast T.V., we weren't even watching things we recorded on the DVR. I feel weird not having "television" in the house. But we haven't really missed it. Occasionally I get pangs for TCM, or Lucha Libre, or BBC America stuff, but it passes. We have many unwatched DVDs, VCD's, etc sitting around. We have Peerflix, and the library, and what have you. Cable was just a waste of money we could put towards something else, like re-joining a gym. I'll miss TCM mostly, but it'll be around when we get cable again sometime I'm sure, showing a lot of the same stuff. Still, no cable...so weird. I feel un-American.

I'm supposed to be doing a live audience comic book interview show in Manhattan sometime next month. I forgot the name of the show and the date. I must have it somewhere. Will plug it again soon. Hopefully before the actual event takes place. Apparently Chris Duffy and Dave Roman will also be guests. So I heard today. Should be...interesting, as Chris put it.

I think I'm done. Hope you're all well, except for the evil beings that exist in my readership. You I'm still unsure about.