July 2nd, 2008


What's A Blog For, If Not To Vent?

So, as mentioned, the car died. Needed a new motor. This was last Wednesday. Car's still in the shop. New motor was found wanting when it came in from PA this past weekend, shop ordered a new one. Still waiting a week later to get the car back and shell out a lot of dough for it. Staten Island is a place where you kind of have to have a car to get anything done in these modern times. One train line. Lousy bus service. Many hills. Things are spread out. It's not like Manhattan or Brooklyn, with easier access to supermarkets, mail, etc.

Compounding the problem, we've all been really sick since last week. Emily came down with a fever, Sarah and I got colds, which turned into a fever for Sarah, which ebbed and then came back in full force last night. I was doing okay but then I turned into a phlegm factory yesterday and felt feverish during the night. We kept waking one another up coughing and sneezing, and I'm sneezing so hard I keep throwing my back out like Felix Unger. Luckily the Lawgiver helped us get some groceries the other day, including much-needed boxes of tissues. So we have food in the house and we can blow our noses while we mope around and get very little done. Emily's got a serious case of cabin fever to go along with her actual fevers, and it doesn't help any that the weather's been disgusting and we have no AC in most of our house.

The icing on the shit cake was applied this morning, when we found out that a big (non-comics industry cartooning) job I was set to start in a week or two had been unexpectedly canceled. I mean, like, very unexpectedly canceled. See, first we got a phone message from the publishing house saying the contracts were all set up and being sent out. Then a follow-up message informing us that the job was canceled. What the fucking huh --? I went from contract to canceled within one day. One morning, actually. And the reason has nothing to do with me, just folks not agreeing on some point that scuttled my being attached to the project. Nobody really gets burned too badly by this decision except, hey, me. I'm out a lot of money and have a nice ozone layer-sized hole in my schedule. There's talk of things possibly being smoothed out, but I'm not banking on it. Hell, I didn't bank on it from the beginning, but you still have to move your schedule around when you agree to take something on, and that can't be changed now. What a fucking mess. I've got other work I can slot in, but this is a pretty crippling blow for us if the decision isn't reversed.

I know, Ethiopia cries for us. We'll get better, the car will be fixed, we'll find other work. I just needed to vent like an American.