July 6th, 2008


When In Doubt, Have a Contest

We're still sick, but recovering. Emily's a lot better, but she's still got a cough. Sarah and I both came down with severe sinus infections on top of everything else, and it seems to be all that's left for us to shake off. My head's filled with mucous that has the look and consistency of melted apple butter, which is pretty gross when it starts running onto the book you're reading as if someone opened a tap in your head. I still can't hear much out of my right ear, but my left has started opening up and popping like I'm in the mountains. I feel like I'm underwater half the time. I am really looking forward to getting over this for once and all. We've never been so sick so often in our lives, I understand this is fairly common when you have a young child in the house who is getting out and about and meeting and greeting the germs of the world. I wish they'd leave her alone for a while, we've met enough of them these past twelve months or so and they've played hell with our schedules. Enough, okay, germs? Thanks..

Anyway, a blog about being sick and whiny is dullsville, and I've got nothing else to say, or at least no energy to say anything worth a listen. I guess my Heroes Con write-up is not happening, I'm largely out of touch with the comics industry and the world at large these past two weeks and I haven't drawn anything worth scanning. All I've done is sleep, eat and read old pulp stories and Moomin books. And leak melted apple butter out of my nose. Nothing to show, nothing to tell.

So, to spruce things up, a contest.

It involves two short lists based on the age-old question:

Who are the five comics-related folks you'd like to have dinner with?

And who are the five who would make for the worst night you can imagine?

The usual list, and the anti-guest list. I think we'll keep it to those folks who are still alive. I have my lists more or less made up, let me hear yours. The entry I like best wins a copy of all six of my SLG solo trades (M&C, Dork vol 1 and 2, Hectic Planet vol 1-3) and a head sketch of whichever HOF character you'd like me to draw for you. 

Have at thee.

Added after a few entries came in:

Whoa, folks, we got some angry, angry people here. Anger's fine, but try to keep it semi-civil and put a lid on the invective. No schoolyard name-calling, if you please. Feel free to explain your dislike of someone, but you can be disparaging without coming off like a ranting fanman. I'm all for negativity, but let's talk while we're here, not scream abject craziness. It's a little scary, okay? Thanks, folks.