July 12th, 2008


Contest Is Closed

I never put deadlines on these contests, but this one received so many submissions I figured I should officially end it at some point. And what better time than when the entries stop dribbling in? Exactly.

I haven't been online often these past two or three days as we're having with our wireless whatchamakoozie and so only Sarah's machine can get online. I've been inking monsters for a Yo Gabba Gabba Story Time cartoon, so it's all for the best that I'm not distracted.

Okay. So, the dinner guest contest is closed. Winner to be announced as soon as I can go back over everything. I think I know who won, as a few entries stuck in my head. Unfortunately, a small number of good entries were posted by friends, or folks who publish with my home outfit of SLG, so I can't sling them the prize even if I wanted to. I guess I have to post rules to these things from here on in. No family, friends I have left, etc. But I'm glad those folks entered, because it makes the discussion livelier and it makes it appear that I have more readers than I do. Thanks, friends and phony readers and possibly phony friends. You are great. But you lose. As if you need/want my books anyway.

Oh -- and get this, that book illustration-type gig popped back onto the charts. Everyone kissed and made up and figured out whatever and I have the job again. Which means a very busy summer, because I have to juggle in some other work or else. But better to be busy than what I was at the end of last year. Very un-busy. Yecch. Anyway, some good news. Unless things change before I sign the contract. One never knows, do one.

Anyway, speaking of busy, I gotta go draw a bunch of props for the monsters to hold, and then some backgrounds for Sarah to color, and some other stuff.

Winner soon. More useless blathering soon. Maybe some pictures of what I've been working on soon.

Or not.