August 18th, 2008


Milk and Cheese: The Stupid Edition

Front and back cover to Milk and Cheese: The Special Edition, published in 1997, and one of my dumber ideas, business-wise, if not necessarily comics-wise (there are a lot of contenders for that). Actually, the high concept wasn't mine, a friend suggested it, but my mistake was to turn the bit into a 16-page mini-comic . My second mistake was making it an SLG exclusive available only through conventions and mail order. I don't have the time to go into my thinking on that one.

Anyway, I was looking for something on my reference shelf and a copy of the mini fell out and I decided to scan the covers while taking a break from the lightbox, which is really boiling my eyes tonight for some reason. Some of you have seen this, many of you have not. It's an 8-page extension of the 3-page Darth Vader Overdrive strip from M&C #666, along with some fake behind the scenes guff and other odds and ends.It was while the Star Wars trilogy re-releases were being shoved down the world's throat and a friend said I should re-release the Darth Vader strip, ha ha. We added terrible computer effects, more scenes, blah blah.

I intend to include the material in the second M&C collection, which will be released sometime after 2026. If I live that long.