January 14th, 2009


R.I.P. Patrick McGoohan

Ah, it comes to all of us and 80 is a fine number to hit at the end of it all, but this one hurt. I'm a big mark for McGoohan, onscreen he just keeps your eyes and holds them, and while his acting style is certainly affected and clipped and a bit odd, I love it. I always wished he worked a bit more than he did, but maybe seeing him in more dreck, which is what mostly gets made, would have diminished his enigma. Then again, a few minutes with him in mediocre stuff like The Phantom (which I like, but it's hardly great stuff) or Silver Streak, and it's like good special effects in a so-so film, at least you got to see that happen on the screen. Although if he was in some really topnotch stuff, it could'a been real magic. If he cared for that, which he didn't. He did what he wanted, how he wanted, he was a free man. His button said Number 6, but he was Number 1, baby.

John Drake, Number 6, and Lt.  Columbo's greatest nemesis, several times over.

Free to go.