January 21st, 2009


The Family That Grows Up Together...

...throws up together.

We're all sick, have been sick since last week, are getting better but are not there yet. Stomach virus, flu, throats shot, fun for the entire household. 

Woke up too late for the inauguration. So, when folks ask, "where were you when --", I can answer, "in bed".  Haven't been up on any news so I hope things haven't been too horrendous this past week. I only heard about the plane on the Hudson through Sarah. Cripes, good drivin', man.

Finally finished up the script for Beasts of Burden #2 today, after losing the week. It was so stupidly close to finished, but nothing substantial got done for a while as we raced around the house looking for available wastepaper baskets to despoil. Oy. It was bad enough with Em sick, but then we all got the zombie plague, and it got ridiculous. I did get to read some comics, though*. And took a lot of notes on several projects.  And played a lot of games on the Wii with Emily. I am especially fond of the WiIlliams Pinball game, which Sarah got me for the holidays. I am obsessed with pinball, and the tables are so well replicated, it's scary. And it has Funhouse, maybe my favorite pin ever. Emily likes it when Rudy says, "Quit playin' with the clock!". She yells it out afterwards if she's in earshot.

*In case anyone cares, Lone Wolf and Cub vols 3-6, Tezuka's MW, Creepy Archives vol 2, and Moomin vol 3. All of which I enjoyed to various degrees, for various reasons. Which I won't go into here because it would involve gathering my thoughts, and expressing myself, when what I need to do is go to bed and read Lone Wolf and Cub vol 7. I've become enamored of this crazy-ass book. I think Mr. Retribution''s killed off a fifth of Japan's residents by now, and remorseless cretin samurai have offed another twenty percent, and this series runs 28 volumes, so I can't wait to see when he runs out of clients and victims and odd people to observe as they go about the hard task of living. I guess by volume 27 or so he just pushes the overgrown kid around in the cart a lot and complains about the good ol' days of walking that there hell path between them thar rivers.)

This is dumb and disjointed and I don't care. I'm sick. I don't know what my excuse is for all the other dumb and disjointed posts, but for this one it's: I'm Sick.