January 27th, 2009



As things are shaping up, it looks like I'll be appearing on a Dark Horse Comics panel on Friday at the New York Comic Con, and I'm also tentatively doing a signing at the DHC booth on Saturday. If all goes well, Jill Thompson will also be appearing, as we're promoting the Beasts of Burden project, which will be formally announced at the show. I'm not going to be sitting anywhere or sketching, as I don't have a space in Artist's Alley or a publisher table to sit behind throughout the show proper, but I'm sure folks can get anything they want signed by me at the DHC appearance. I'll likely me walking around or loitering by the DHC booth. Or searching the hall for loose change to help pay for my parking.

I'm debating whether or not I should bring the portfolio in case anyone's interested in buying any art. I don't know. It's not like I can flop the portfolio onto a nearby dealer table to do business. I've not gone to a convention without a table or booth space in...wow, a loooong time. Since fandom days, possibly. I never go to shows unless I have something to do. It'll be weird to have no home base.

So, anyway, yeah, hey, lookit me, I'm in the comics industry again. If you're going to NYCC, try to come to the panel and/or the signing, we're making a good comic and can use the show of support. Honest.