February 3rd, 2009


Reminder: Seven Second Delay @Maxwell's Tomorrow

Barring a hellacious snowstorm or my having to drive around for three hours looking for parking or my getting hit by a monorail and having my everything broken, I will indeed be at the Seven Second Delay radio show taping/variety show thingamajig tomorrow at Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ.

Here's the newly posted information on the show:

Ken and Andy return to Maxwells in Hoboken for another live Seven Second Delay broadcast on Wednesday, February 4th from 6-7pm.

Guests this week include a kid who tells jokes (11 yr old Anton Pinnone), a guy who draws comics (
Evan Dorkin)* and a band that plays music (The Heartless Bastards!!! They're playing that night at Maxwell's if you wanna grab a ticket).

(*That's me! I'm the guy who draws comics!)

Those links don't work, I think. The information is up on the Seven Second Delay blog. The links should work there if you need the links to work.

Perhaps I will see one or none of you there tomorrow. I will be bringing books to sell/sign. Same old crap I've been hauling around for years, nothing new, so don't get too excited. Did I mention they have a full bar? You can drink. Drinking's fun.

And now, a page from a little sketchbook in which I doodled Tove Jansson's Little My for Emily several months ago:

Emily loves Little My, actually, she loves all the Moomin stuff.

Now I'm off to shovel snow.