February 5th, 2009


NYCC Schedule + NYC Graphic + 7 Second Delay Aftermath = This Post

Okay, here's my schedule for the NYCC:

Friday -- Jill Thompson and I will be appearing on the Dark Horse Comics panel in room 1A21.

Saturday - Jill Thompson and I will be signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#823) from 1 pm to 2pm.

Sunday -- I'll be home playing pinball on the Wii.

We'll be formally announcing the Beasts of Burden series at the panel on Friday. From what I have been told,  after a slide presentation of upcoming DHC projects there will be a Q&A session.

Here's the complete schedule of DHC signings and events at the show. I think DHC might be bringing some Beasts of Burden promo cards for us to sign on Saturday, or something like that. I'm not certain about that, though.

Anyway,  if you can, come by the booth or come attend the panel.  It would be great to see some folks come out and show some support.

New subject.

Thanks to those who came to the Seven Second Delay taping to see me. I think there were two of you, Joe...and the other fella, aw, hell, sorry, I forgot your name. We've spoken before, we'll speak again. Two of my nine living readers, as you are all now known as. Anyway, I showed up at Maxwell's practically hyperventilating, and ended up motormouthing and goofing on Andy. Or, as they put it, I went from "defence to offense". Andy was fine with it, and it was going okay, otherwise I wouldn't have kept it up. He was really nice, it was nice speaking to Ken and his family. I really had a swell time, which I wasn't expecting, especially after my anxiety attack in the car (I got lost, and then I couldn't find parking, and I was nervous, and, oh, did you know -- I'm also a complete overreacting idiot). I enjoyed the show, everything worked out alright, and I got to watch members of The Heartless Bastards perform a short acoustic set. So, thumbs up, something went right. You can listen to the archive of the show here. And you can see some photographs taken at the taping here. I didn't realize they were taking pictures, which is probably why I seem much more relaxed in them than I usually do when I'm in front of a camera. I'm smiling, even. This is ironic, because the subject of photography comes up again in this blog...just about...just about....just about...


Forgot to post about this, I've been included in the NYC Graphic project that Seth Kushner and writer Christopher Irving are collaborating on. They've been photographing and interviewing a number of NYC-based or affiliated cartoonists and are hoping to put a book together based on their work. In the meantime, you can see the NYC Graphic project's progress here, and you can follow Seth's updates on his site. Which is where you can see a picture of me, #41, looking unhappy for no reason whatsoever, other than that I am uncomfortable having my picture taken. I gave Seth a hard time choosing a photo to use because while I like his work very much, I don't like looking at pictures of myself, and I kept thinking I should have sent a stand-in. Or a stuffed animal. Anyway, this is the one we decided to go with. We are what we are, I yam what I yam. At least there's comics to look at. Look at the weird way I splay my feet. Sarah says I walk like that, too. I should have work a luchadore mask. I thought about it, actually.

Anyway, my thanks to Seth for his invitation to the project, his patience and his kind words about the Beasts of Burden project on his blog.

See a few of you tomorrow. Later, skaters.