February 10th, 2009


NYCC: Beasts Of Burden

Hey, folks. Still shaking off the post-NYCC dizziness, it was a fairly exhausting weekend. As Sarah posted, we went in on Sunday, I did a signing at the Dark Horse booth with Jill Thompson in the morning, and I also sat down for a while by myself in the afternoon to sign a few things. Then I met Angelo Torres, which was way cool.

The Friday DHC panel went okay, they had a decent turnout, and Scott Allie announced Beasts of Burden as part of the presentation. I said a few stupid things, and then I was done for the day. We left the show early, at 4 pm, because at that point Emily was done for the day. She's a smart kid. Not like her stupid dad, who probably wouldn't leave a show unless he had a stroke.

The signing Jill and I did at the DHC booth on Saturday went nicely, we went past the scheduled time, but since nobody else was appearing at that table I ended up signing for about three hours. We had little promo cards to sign featuring a panel of art from the book and a (not final) logo:

Things went well, I think. We signed a lot of cards, I did a bunch of sketches.  I spoke to nine or ten retailers about the book, and about possibly doing some signings in August, when the first issue comes out. Jill had copies of all of the art to #1, we showed folks the first half, so as not to spoil the story for anyone. People seemed to like it. Fingers crossed.

A soda in the Javits was $4, btw. Sarah once heard someone at Heroes Con (in North Carolina) bitch about paying $7 for a complete meal at the convention center. I f'ing wish.

Anyway, as I mentioned, we announced Beasts of Burden on Friday. Four issues, each one features a self-contained story, written by me, and painted by Jill Thompson. The first issue ships in August.

If you're interested in reading more about the series, here are a few links you can check out:

Comic Book Resources interviewed me about the series and ran some preview pages by Jill.

Newsarama covered the Friday DHC panel, and mentioned some of my ramblings.

Kevin Melrose at Robot 6 (which is part of CBR) had some very nice things to say about the project in an article entitled "NYCC - Ten Announcements That Make Us Happy". Says him:

Beasts of Burden, by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson: The four Dark Horse Book of … anthologies were entertaining reads, but the high points (for me, at least) were Dorkin and Thompson’s sad and charming stories about a group of dogs and a cat who battle supernatural forces in their seemingly normal neighborhood. The Dark Horse series ended more than two years ago, with Dorkin teasing that the animal stories might continue some day. That finally was confirmed on Friday with the announcement of the Beasts of Burden four-issue miniseries

Finally, while I don't normally link to folk's blogs just because they say something nice about something I'm working on, I am this time because I really liked what someone said about Beasts of Burden at Subliterate Cinephile.

My thanks to those folks who gave us some of their time and attention, those of you who came to the panel, or stopped by the booth, or wrote up the announcement. It is all very much appreciated. I hope you'll check out Beasts of Burden #1 in August.

If you don't, you stink.