February 12th, 2009



FYI, Sarah's Jinjur blog has recently switched over to Sarah's Colorkitten blog. Same blog, new name and design.

Some more Beasts of Burden stuff -- Comic Book Resources ran a piece on the Dark Horse panel which includes some stupid things I said that others haven't included in their write-ups of stupid things I've said. The Quarter Bin's coverage of the panel cracked me up because the person who blogged from the event refers to me only as "the writer" on more than one occasion.  

A book we liked very much: Joan Aiken's The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Series. Neat short fantasy stories about a family's life in a world where magic, mythical creatures and the like are part of the everyday world. Imaginative, nicely written, humorous, whimsical (in the best sense of the word), which a touch of darkness in the more recent entries. Apparently AIken is quite well known for various series. I only heard of her because Andi Watson mentioned this book to me, as he provided the charming interior illustrations. I'm glad we picked it up, we both enjoyed it very much.

Dick Valentine from The Electric Six has a two-man synth band side project called The Evil Cowards. My favorite track of the four provided is Sex Wars, filled with typical Valentine lyrical whack. (There's a pretty funny FAQ 2009 generic interview for critics post on the 6's site, if anyone's interested. Scroll down a little in the news thingie).

You've likely seen David After Dentist on Youtube by now, but just in case, here you go. 8 million plus have already watched this poor kid utter a number of surefire national catchphrases ("Why is this happening to meee?", "Is this real life?", etc) for the next few months or so. The Youtube parodies are all out in full effect, helping to kill the buzz. It's really f'ing funny, but I wouldn't put a video of my kid zonked out like that on the web. Glad David's dad wanted to share, though.

Just read in an article on the Publisher's Weekly site that SLG's Jennifer de Guzman has had her hours cut back by 40% (Jennifer wrote the article). Ummm...ouch. That isn't good news. Hope things shore up, SLG's still my home base in comics and Jennifer's good people.

I'm working on a few comic pages for the TCM Underground website.

On deck, reading-wise: Scott Pilgrim vol 5. Bottomless Belly Button (borrowed from the library). Lone Wolf and Cub vol 12-14. Two books about the subject of rats. Some other stuff.

Movies I've heard about recently that I'd like to see: 
Let The Right One In
Mil Mascaras: Resurrection
House (Hausu, 1977). Check out the various clips for House on Youtube, they are hysterical.

SInce I haven't watched anything other than Dumbo in the last six months, these will likely have to wait.

I miss TCM.

All for today. Got a lot to do, getting a lot done.