March 1st, 2009


Not Watching

So, I'm not going to see Watchmen, mainly because I don't see anything in theaters anymore, and largely because I'm just not interested. Not because of Alan Moore's opinions about the project, it's not a stance, or that they might "ruin" a "classic", I could care less (and the book remains the book, they can't "ruin" my copy or my reading experience) or anything like that. I'm just not interested. I'm not even sure why I've largely lost interest in comic book-based films (and then there's a lack of interest in most modern Hollywood films, by and large, which is a whole 'nother story). Not just the superheroes, I haven't seen the Dan Clowes movies, or the Pekar flick, or much of anything from the past ten or so years. I saw the first Deathnote flick on bootleg DVD a few months ago, but haven't rushed to see the second one. And I pretty much enjoyed the first one. Some kind of fan spark is missing inside my brain that used to be there. I would have lost my mind twenty years ago if my older self stepped out of a time bubble and told my younger self about all these movies coming out. Then my younger self would have shit himself when he heard that not only would there be films out called Iron Man, X-Men, Hulk, Spider-Man, Dark Knight, Watchmen, etc, but I wouldn't go see them. Younger self would kick older self in the crotch and tell him to get the fuck outta here.

I dunno. Now I just shrug. Doesn't make me smarter or better or more mature than anyone who is really gaga for this stuff. Just makes me...burnt out? Uninterested.

That being said, I have only a few, useless observations about what I've seen from the film. The costumes just look ridiculous. The Comedian looks like an idiot, and why he wears a mask, I dunno. Ditto Ozymandias, isn't he famous? Why wear a domino that doesn't hide his face? And a George Clooney Bat-costume. He can afford something nicer, I think.  I didn't get that stuff in the comic, either, but you buy into the costume silliness in a comic more readily than in a flesh and blood film.I just can't take those people seriosuly. Maybe immersed in the film I could, but, well, whatever. Told ya, useless observation.

The only actual complaint I really have is with whatever jagoff came up with the tagline, "From the visionary director of 300" for the ad campaign. I doubt Snyder wrote that. But I'd be friggin' embarrassed to see that plastered all over the earth if I was him. Is a director really a visionary when he's reworking the vision of other people? He's known for a Dawn of the Dead remake, an adapation of 300, and an adaptation of Watchmen. Maybe they're great, I enjoyed Dawn, for the most part. Saw no "vision" in it, other than, "let's use CGI for crowd shots". Maybe there's a "vision" of his own in 300. Like, using the green screen stuff from Sin City? And boarding it off the comic another guy drew? What am I missing here? Anyway, some flack hack says he's a visionary, for adapting the visions of George Romeru, Frank Miller and Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Huh. Nice.